Stop Being so Comfortably Boring.

I don’t always wear a wig, a tiara and a tutu, (at least not all at the same time) but there are those times where drastic measures are called for as in this short 30 second video. Yes, that is me over to the left in the green shirt and tiara.  Sure, you can watch how I transform in 30 seconds from a nice respectable Goddess drinking tea with my sisters to a crazy, fun, loving dancing Queen!

Click here to watch for 30 seconds of fun. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 7.30.31 AM


And the rest of the people are my family, including mom (who’s swinging that baby around like he’s a doll) my 3 sisters, 3 brothers, son, 3 sisters in law, 5 nieces and nephews.

When I visited Florida last week, the family did something a bit out of the ordinary for most of us. We dressed in costume and danced. And we had a blast. Not only did we do it, we filmed it and put it on youtube and facebook sharing our joy with the world.  We laughed and laughed until we cried and it felt amazing. Laughter is medicine you know. The best kind. I suggest along with your “naked” eating, you douse it with laughter when you can, as often as you can.

Sometimes we may find that we keep ourselves doused in comfort and just “okayness”. You may be comfortable at our old job that’s just okay and pays just okay.
You may be treating yourself just okay but as long as your pants still button you’re okay.

Are you making life decisions based on comfortable and “just okay” because doing something different or stepping up a notch causes a reaction in the form of a different feeling that you’re not used to?  Okay then, you’re stuck. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE.

What is it that you can do today that would be a bit outside of your comfort zone? Because uncomfortable is good and it moves you forward and teaches you things and you grow and stretch and experience.  Especially when you can laugh about it. That is after all what life is all about. The experience. The joy. The pleasure of it all.

Leave a comment or email me at [email protected] and let me know the one thing you can do TODAY that will be different, make you a tad uncomfortable and make you laugh.

GET OUT THERE IN A DIFFERENT WAY THAN YOU ARE USED TO. Turn up the music and dance. (Warning: weight loss and feelings of happiness may occur while dancing and laughing)

P.S. I love wearing a tiara… It’s a great reminder of the highest, best, royalty version of myself. You may borrow mine till you get one of your own.


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