How to Get A Sign That You Are Perfect

Would you like to be holding this sign?

Let’s face it… who doesn’t want to feel good in their body? Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning feeling energetic, vibrant and healthy?

I know you do. It’s just us talking here, so let’s be honest. Where are you? What the frig’ are you doing? I sure hope you are not going to use the excuse of your age, or time, or “my husband” made me eat it.  I mean really… Stop it. You are important to others that love you and you are important to the world. How you feel matters in everything you do.

Why are you accepting less than your best?

There is “A Sweet Spot” also called “Your Ideal (perfect for you) Weight”. The “weight” that feels comfy, where your body feels awesome, where your body performs well and where you know you are “loving” yourself enough to be styling your life to support your one very precious body. It’s the place where you make the “choices” that build the best version of yourself.


You can have your own sign. Even if you are not feeling ready to hold it yet, it is a sign that it is time to start. Right now…

Y.O. L.O (as the under 30 crowd says) so let’s get started NOW. 

Your sweet spot is sustainable, maintainable, fun, easy and delicious. The place that feels good to be.

Lets find out how you can create your own sign and feel your sweet spot.

Here’s how:

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS MEMORIAL DAY GIFT. Yes it is a gift from me to you. It’s free.

Get yourself into my calendar and we can talk about you, your sign and what is possible for you.


Accept your gift from me, for YOURSELF,  I mean seriously. STOP IT with the reasons why you can’t, I don’t buy them and you shouldn’t either. Instead, embrace that fact that all is possible for you and start with a sign. 

Ciao for now,

Rosie Battista






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