This Could Be The Reason You Can’t Lose the Weight

You know how “STUFF” weighs you down. Not only physically but emotionally too. That’s why journalling is so important.

Yes. I am journal obsessed. So says my daughter. I have lots of journals laying around for different reasons as you can see in this video.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.59.40 AM CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY OBSESSION. 

(FYI: There is no reason to comment and tell me I am half off the screen.  I friggin’ know now, but when I shot this vid, how could I have known. With no camera guy in site, what was I to do?  Anyway, you get the point, what I have to reveal to you is more important than my filming ability so watch closely)

How much are you STUFFING down with food, when you could be putting all your stuff on the paper?

You are not alone in this. No one wants to FEEL STUFF that may not be that pleasant. But I can assure you, the more honest you get with yourself, the more you get it OUT OF YOU, the better you will feel.

And you’ll lose weight too. Not just emotional weight, but physical weight. Yee ha to that.

It’s just “stuff”. It doesn’t even mean anything but the meaning you give it. Technically, that would make your “stuff” harmless. Especially when it is out of your body and sitting in a book somewhere.

Trust me on this, it feels better to get it out of you than to keep stuffing it down.  Your “stuff” can be HEAVY… and it may be the reason you can’t lose that extra weight that you tote around annoyingly everyday.  

Let go of it all.  If you are still resistant to the idea that you could just write stuff down and you need some help, try a guided journal. This one here needs some crayons, a cup of tea, and your willingness to answer some fun questions. It won’t hurt, I promise. And please don’t worry about coloring within the lines. There are no rules. There are no boundaries. Just dump your “stuff” onto this paper so that your body can release that weight it’s tired of carrying.

WHEW. That already feels better. This is one of the most powerful self care practices you can put into place.

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