Are You Afraid to Eat Bread?


Look at this friggin’ bread isle in the grocery store. YIKES. Do we really need all these choices that leave us zero options?

photo (7)


Pick up a package and put your readers on. You’ll need them for the fine print.


photo (9) EWW..  why would you buy a food item that had these things in it and put it into YOUR BODY?? You’d never consider baking homemade bread in your kitchen with these “things” in it, so why would you purchase bread with these “things” in it and put these “things” in your body?  UH.. NO WAY! I had to scoot out of that isle as fast as I could.  It’s as frightening as a scary movie, and it kinda made me sick and annoyed that food companies are so misleading and the many people (obviously someone is buying this crap) are so “unconscious” as to make the un-conscious and mindless chose of what to eat. Look at this promise on this bread package. A good source ? By who’s standards?  And what exactly does 20 grams of whole grain per serving really mean to a body anyway?

photo (10) Don’t stress. You don;t have to stop eating that sandwich that you crave and desire. When I want to crunch into toast, I want what I want and I have it.  I just pick the best bread I can find. You CAN have your bread and eat it too. Once you know better, you do better. Watch this video below to see how all bread is NOT created equal and get your options on your table. Watch this.

Remember to move yourself over to the freezer section to find the your sprouted grain breads. Or go to the produce isle and search for large leaves. (make a leaf sandwich)

photo (8) This is Food For Life/ Ezekiel Bread that I bought today. The ingredients are nakedly simple and that is why this bread is not in the bread isle. It is in the freezer. There are no preservatives to give it a shelf life so the freezer takes care of that. Check it out:

photo (12) Sprouted grain bread reacts differently in your body. You waist does not expand. You don’t feel tired, sluggish, bloated, full or disgusting after “Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it naked”. 

When you select the food you are choosing for your body, choose food that is minimally processed and has minimal ingredients. Think in naked terms. If the ingredients in a grocery store bread look like this…. eww! I’m not putting this crap in this precious body of mine. Are you? I mean, really, think about it.

You’ve got one very precious body. Shouldn’t you know what the frig’ you are eating?  Nobody else cares what you eat. Only your body does. It will respond according to the nutrition you put in. LIke a great computer, what you put in, you get out. By the way, you CAN eat bread and have a yummy sandwich too. Just “STEP AWAY FROM THE BREAD ISLE”  or you’ll explode (at least your waist will). Here’s my favorite PEANUT BUTTER DELITE. Watch how I make it here.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 6.34.17 AM



What’s your favorite thing to put between 2 slices? Please comment below; I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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