Fix Your Face


Yup. This is what my daughter, Kate, will say to me if she catches me with the corners of my mouth turned down.

The first response I have when I hear this is to smack hers, but I breathe and then realize that she’s absolutely right!! What am I frowning for? Immediately my response turns to a smile. And then she smiles. And them we both laugh. And that FEELS so much better for both of us.

So this little FIX YOUR FACE thing that we do, got me thinking about a challenge. How fun would it be if we could change how we felt while making a positive change on others?


Take one day and do it all day to everyone you meet. Smile at every person that you come in contact with. The gas attendant, the grocery cashier, the bank teller…. not just a smile but a real engaging smile filled with love. Look them in the eye and smile wide. 

Let’s do this together. Report back here and tell us what happened. How did giving a smile away make you feel and what did the recipient of your smile do?

PS. Feel free to share this challenge too.

HERE’s one for YOU!


Love love love ya,



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  1. Right back at you my friend! I keep a mirror in front of me when i’m on the phone to make sure I’m smiling. I was once told to keeping smiling so people will wonder what you have been up to! It takes 37 muscles to frown and 22 to smile. Smiling will conserve energy. Smile on!!!