“Oh My God”, God, You Are Too Funny

O. M . G God! You’re a riot.

I am far enough along at 52 to realize that I made it to this point always having everything I NEEDED.  Maybe not always what I thought I wanted, but everything I needed always seems to show up.

So this morning, I was visited by those ugly cousins of mine, (sorry Ladies, but you are ugly)….”Fear, Doubt and Worry”. They came to whisper about some ridiculous thing that I have no control over anyway. So I asked for some intervention.

I said, “God, I know that I always have what I need and that I am safe but give me a sign anyway. Something big that I can notice please”. 

So I was out and about my daily routine and wearing my new purple sparkly sperry shoes and I got this whopping blister on my left foot. OUCH! I had to take off the shoes in one store as this blister was stinging so badly. So I walked out barefooted to my car, thinking that my next errand was not gonna happen. There was no way to put those shoes back on.

OH GOD, I wish I had a sock or something to put on this one foot.

Well….I looked down on the floor of my car, and there it was…. one lone sock.

Ready and waiting. My need met without a second thought.

Thank you GOD… I get it… I’ve decided to let go and let you handle my affairs from now on. And did I mention that the sock was very multicolored.  Perfect for my green shorts and purple shoes.

photo (15)

In the most adorable way, I got my message today. Loud and clear. I goes like this, “Send your Fears, Doubts and Worries over here to me, I’ve got your back Rosie and I’ve got your sock.

(This post is dedicated to my amazing coach and messenger, Brenda. I love and thank you.)

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