The Art of Showing Up

“Instant success”. There is no such thing.

It just seems that way because when a “shift” that we’ve been waiting for happens based on the immediate prior experience, we say it is was instant. Actually it’s all of your life adding up to the event that caused the shift, never just one thing. So I went on this retreat last week. Prompted by lots of events that led me to this actual retreat itself. The experience was life changing. It was the catalyst to fan the flames in me to burn even brighter. And I am grateful for having jumped into the opportunity to experience this “thing” that ignited me to live fuller, brighter, happier.


I’m sharing a lesson I experienced in the Art of SHOWING UP.

I mean really, before this, I thought I always showed up. I realized that is semi-true.  Of course I show up but I take a coffee breaks very often.  I’d have one finger on the keyboard, one thought on the blog, one foot out the door and trying to carry on in the moment.  Tough going. I’ve even been in a conversation with a person who said to me “Where’d ya go, Rosie?” and quickly I had to lurch back into my body and back to the conversation of the moment instead of the one I was having alternatively in my head. How many times does that happen to you? You’ll be engaged in something, or with someone but your mind is wandering around somewhere else. Hanging in the kitchen sink, in the laundry pile, on number 20 of the “to do” list, on the bank account.  Never fully present for the full experience of right now. So what happened this week at the retreat?  NO CELL PHONE SERVICE for starters. Ha. At this retreat,  I shut down to open up.


No cell phone, no computer, no work projects.  Just ME, MYSELF and MY BODY. Ever present. Fully showing up. I didn’t really plan it to happen that way, I just went with the flow. I wanted to FEEL the experience I had entered into and not get distracted. WOWSA. And it was friggin’ cool. This time, nothing, NO – THING, came to me except what I was feeling in the moment and it change everything. I had an experience like never before. Time flowed perfectly. Actually there was no time… it just was… it slowed down and there was ample time for everything. 6 women and one shower and never a time issue… It was weird. No hurry up. Gotta go. Gotta get. Gotta do. Gotta… Gotta…. Gotta. There was none of that. There was enough time for everything. Every moment was special. Every moment counted. So I’m thinking I discovered the secret for fully living here.


BE PRESENT. THAT’S THE GIFT. What I got was more color, more connected to people, to food, to source, to life, TO ME…. Colors were brighter, food was decadent, music was divine, people were amazing. And when I got home, everything was perfect, as I left it. Life here went on without me perfectly fine, without my having checked every 5 minutes. Even the dogs, Abigail and Rock. It was actually strange that they barely greeted me at 1 am when I returned, they were sleeping and stayed happily that way. So the lesson, big one… to get your gift of life to the fullest, get present to it. Your food, your body, and your life will come from a place of complete pleasure. What the heck are we here for anyway if not for the experience of it all? (See Lesson One if you missed it here) I’m here. Writing this blog for you. The dishes in the sink wait for the moment that I will be present with them. It’s just not now. No how. No way… I am here with you and I love that! Take a moment to consider where you are missing out in you life by being disconnected to the moment? Be conscious of when that happens. Notice it. And come back. It’s a practice like everything else we do in life, but I promise it’s worth the effort. Your food will taste better, you’ll have enough, your body will change.  Great results for minimal effort. Soo…ooh…. in the most decadent, divine way in every way, make each moment the one that matters most… that’s the “Naked Lifestyle” in it’s purest form.


Try this experiment of shutting down to show up and she what changes you notice around you. Post below and share with the Sleeping Naked After 40 Gorgeous Ladies who rock!


We can help support each other in the NOW…

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