Travel Lightly & Let Go

Inevitably it works out that every time I travel I forget something.

My mascara, my brush, my underwear.


But this time I left something behind that proved to be a gift.

I left all EXPECTATION at home. As a matter of fact, I really had no idea, plan or reason for going on this retreat other than a gut feeling that led me to it.

So there I was without my expectation, kinda like bare naked.

There is such pleasure in being bare naked because it leaves open extreme possibility for anything, similar to a blank canvas.

I went with the flow on this trip and that in itself was a big trip!

What is the lesson here?

LET GO OF ALL UNNECESSARY LUGGAGE (including expectations)

What I realized was that I stress over packing for weeks prior to a trip and no matter how much stressing or planning I do, I don’t seem to bring the right things. Or maybe that’s a big fat lie because the truth actually is that I always have what I need. ¬†This retreat did not offer much in the way of room to put your STUFF… so you shuffled around, took what you needed for the day, which always turned out to be not that much. It was that simple.

YOU ALWAYS HAVE WHAT YOU NEED, WHEN YOU NEED IT, AND NOT ONE MOMENT BEFORE. A profound revelation from a fashionista queen and a shoe to match every outfit. (ha and the joke was on me as I was barefoot most of the time)


Ahhhhh! This is the best part. When you can release all expectations and just let go and let it flow, you always get what you need, exactly when you need it. You may not get what you think you want, but you ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU NEED.

There was sheer pleasure in not being invested in how the week should turn out and just witnessing and watching it unfold as divinely planned.




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