Step Into Your “Purple” Shoes

Have you forgotten what it feels like to be healthy and feel sexy?

I’ve been there too. In that place where I felt like crap and that sucks. (I felt fat, out of shape, and plain ole’ yucky and I was fat out of shape and messy) Just look at this picture that I reveal below. It was a low point, with shit going on in my life, that added to the extra physical weight I attached to. It stopped me from being who I was capable of being. And it stopped from doing things I wanted to do.

Shh!!  Don’t show this to anyone but this was me…I’m showing you as proof that I know what it feels like to be missing the self love and to let the “situations” get the best of me, to put self love n care on the back burner.  So between us, here’s my “feeling fat” pix but I much prefer the after shot below if you are sharing my pix (because I am happy there below in my self caring and it shows on the outside) #jussayin

fatrosie 2

I played it small. And I hid behind layers of clothes. So much for being NAKED.

Maybe you’re feeling something like that? Or maybe you just lost a tad of your sexiness, and are hanging on to it for dear life.

I came up with a no brainer plan to help women like me (actually like the “used to be old version of me”) I am so excited about your possibility here. This information changes things for you.. What I have to share is powerful stuff! It works.

It’s really a cool program IMHO… and I made it affordable because I really want you to do this with me.  The best part of this program is that you don’t have to be broken and feel like shit to participate, you just have to want more, want better, what more than just OKAY.

It’s not okay to be JUST- OKAY as I remind you here in this video

Just OKAY-NESS is a DIS-EASE. It doesn’t feel awesome. It’s a numb state. UGH! Who wants numb? As women over 40 we want to FEEL… to EXPERIENCE life…to TASTE…

Anyway back to what I have for you – this amazing experience for 40 days with me – you get a daily 2 minute video (never before seen new stuff -all new redone and rockin’fab stuff)

a weekly group call. You learn, you grow, you practice and it gets your ass in gear…

Lord knows we need a kick in the pants sometimes to get us going. I’ll be the kick-start for ya.

(PSST! In case you need proof of possibility. This is me know but you already know what I look like now… cause you watched the video…(no botox, no photoshop, no lypo, no bull – just the real deal and the same woman as above loading with sexiness, confidence and possibility) I want that for you 


I wanted to give you the frame of reference so that you can see what is possible when you start to really LOVE yourself naked. 


I’ll help you back to self love n care … This program is your a big reminder for the small things you can do to step up your life.

What is SL40x? 

This way you can do, be and have all you want.

YOU CAN’T JUST CHANGE YOUR FOOD and stick to better eating plan WITHOUT self love first. You’ll just be yo-yo-ing around and end up right back where you started. Food and fitness alway follow a self love plan. That has to come first. That is the Sleeping Naked After 40 Philosophy and THE TRUTH and IT WORKS.

The no brainer part is that it’s only $147 for the 40 days… and I am excited about it

and yeah I think you would benefit from some consistency and continuity.. not that hard… a 2 minute video, a daily intention and a weekly phone call…. in the heat of august!   ha.

and I’m rambling.

Just friggin’ sign up, put your heart in the game and I’ll take care of the rest for ya.

Hit reply and I’ll get you set up.  YAY! Looking forward to our journey together.

$147 really??? Crazy I know. But I WANT YOU…

email me for the deets to sign up: [email protected]


My use the metaphor of stepping into my best as putting on my sexy purple shoes. What color are yours? 

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