Packing 69 Days Early & Being Here

It’s 69 days away and I am packed already.

At least in my mind.

I have all my outfits laid out.

At least in my mind.

I have all the funds I need.

At least in my mind.

And that’s as far as my expectations go.


Except to SHOW UP.

I am fulfilling another dream out of my bucket list that I am so fond of reaching into. Yes, it is scary as hell but I’m going in again, eyes and heart wide open for the experience of it.

I’ve had this fantasy for a while now. The dream to dream under the Tuscan sun, to stay in a villa and eat figs, wine and cheese under a tree (and I don’t even eat cheese- go figure)

I had no idea how this would happen and I kept waiting and waiting. Trying to be realistic about it.

I had been WAITING.. for a few things:

  • for a man to show up and take me.
  • for the money to appear in my account.
  • for the perfect time.

and I don’t know, somehow 6 years have gone by and I have not been to Italy.

SO screw that. I am going to be totally unrealistic. 

I am doing it. I booked the trip. It was as simple as a delicious DECISION. None of the above parameters that I had created for myself have changed.  BUT I HAVE. I DECIDED TO LIVE. TO FEEL. TO ENJOY.

This trip appeared to me in my inbox.  Offered from a trusted source and I GOT A HUGE FEEING IN THE PIT OF MY STOMACH when I saw the advertisement.


I knew in my gut this was my trip and the time was now.

Do I have the $ in my hand? Not yet… not at the moment. But it is showing up all over the place.
I am finding money in pockets, on the floor, getting checks in the mail, clients are coming in, ebay sales everywhere.

I am in what some would call a FLOW..

I made a decision and all that I need is flowing to me. (you’ve heard of this law of attraction thingy…it really friggin’ works… as long as you really friggin’ believe it will)


I AM in the moment fully living this trip now. 

I AM excited, grateful and happy. I can barely get this smile off my face, so I just leave it on most of the day. This feeling rocks. It is bliss. It is fun. It is exciting. This traveling without really going anywhere rocks. It is the way I want to live my one very precious life.

This 14 day travel actually began the day I decided to go. I am as happy now as I will be when I step my foot off the plane. How do I know that?.. because I have no expectations packed in my suitcase.

No list of things to see. No list of “if this doesn’t happen I’ll be disappointed”. I am just SHOWING UP.


with love for this whole idea that I have choices and in love with the idea that I created this for my life and that I can create whatever dreams my heart and soul desire. That’s the whole point of why we’re here. Isn’t it? To experience life.  That “just existing” and “just okay” stuff isn’t good enough for this one very precious life… or for yours.

I’ve been at this practice of conscious creating for a while now and i have the proof that is works. The best example i can give you is my bb competition where i defied many odds and to the shock of many succeeded at something that most people cant and wont do.. I did that with my mind… (diet and exercise where 2nd to the mind shift).



So off I go with my already virtual-mind packed suitcase… smiling happily thru my day, on my MIND TRIP. I am already salivating and satiating and savoring the Italian flavors as I learn to speak and listen to the language, look thru Italian books, journal about my dreams, examine my heritage, culture while imagining the warm breeze, the pool, Claudio the italian chef (uhhum), the singing monks, the gelato flavors and those juicy figs with the homemade cheese.

Did I mention the decadent DARK CHOCOLATE melting on my tongue …under a tree… under the Tuscan sun?

Call me brave… Call me nuts… call me happy.. I’ll answer to anything but “late for dinner”. (my gram’s quote)

What will you do that makes you feel so uncomfortable that you are so excited by the very thought of it that you fall instantly in love?


Arrivaderci Bella…What will you do to rock your life? 



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  1. What an inspiration, Rosie!! May Italy be everything that You dreamed it would be – and more.
    I’m thinking, after reading Your blog ( as well as so many other things along the same theme) that it is tome for me to stop dancing on the edge and JUMP!!!
    Smiles – K

    1. EXACTLY.. I mean what are we waiting for. We always have what we need when we need it and not a moment before.That’s why making the decision starts the process! It’s all we need to do. DECIDE what we want and the universe provides it.