No meal plan, no exercise regime, no vision board works without this.

My daughter tells me I talk to much.

That I am too into my “woo woo sh*t’. She’ll never disguise her annoyance by saying she’s got bad cell reception and drop the call. No, she comes straight out and says, MOM, You’re annoying me right now with all this, so perhaps we finish this conversation later and then she’ll politely hang up”.

…But I like to consider myself effectively annoying because I have had an impact on her, in a good way. She’s an amazing young woman, up to big things in this world. HOLD ON… I’m not taking credit or looking for “GREAT JOB MOM KUDOS”, just merely observing that what you hear often enough is what sticks.  I’ve been spewing “this stuff” all over her all her life and apparently some of it stuck nicely.

What “stuff” has stuck on you from all your past experiences? Do you feel like life is just good enough? Do you feel like everything is just okay?

Do you feel like it may be too selfish to put your self first because everyone else is counting on you?

You’d be like most woman if you say YES to any of these questions.


What does annoying my daughter have to do with you ?  I’m not really in the business of annoying you. I am in the business of reminding. I have figured out how to be effectively annoying enough to push you on your path of self love.  So I have to share it. It’s too good not to.

I spent years of my life in mediocrity, in tolerating, in just okay-ville and in not-enough-land. You can read more about that here.

I lived there, struggling in all areas of life, food, relationships, until I finally put the pieces of the puzzle together.
PUZZLE PIECE NUMBER ONE was THE BODY BUILDING EXPERIENCE. And boy did I learn a lot about life from this amazing X-perience.


YUP. That’s me. Front and center. 6th woman from the left of screen. To my right stands my girl.  Myself, the oldest at 50 years old and my daughter, the youngest at 20 years old.

There was no hiding on the stage. All was bared for all to see and to judge. Let me get to the point of this video below.   If you are just okay, I suggest to you that that is not good enough for your one very precious life. If you want to live life fully as the amazing gorgeous woman that you really are, you may need a little effective annoyance.

The new x-perience I put together for you is X-actly that. It’s very effective and it is so simple. The X-perience of X-treme self love and X-trarodinary care takes 40 days and minimal time from your precious day. I am there for you with a whisper (okay maybe not a whisper. I am not really a whisperer, I’m from Staten Island New York,  but I’ll get the point across to you someohow and then you can do whatever you want with the information).  Check out more about it  below in this video. 


Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 7.28.54 AM

Why am I so annoying you ask?  Click to watch video. 



no meal plan, no exercise regime, no vision board is going to work. 


Think of me as your sitting on your shoulder, whispering (in the Staten Island way) in your ear, holding you accountable, believing in you and reminding you constantly of how ROCKIN’ GORGEOUS and AMAZING you really are. 

And if for some reason you agree with my daughter that I am X-tremely annoying, please hold that thought. Because I guarantee you will change your thoughts after 40 days ~ the thoughts that you think and the way you feel about your one very precious self.  And that is worth everything.

Join me with your X-treme open mind and heart and you can change you thinking, your body and step into the woman who you really are.

Remember that you are already amazingly rockin’ healthy, sexy and gorgeous. I am simply here to remind you of that,



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