What Are You Doing NOW?

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It’s me here in my sweats, unedited, just you and I talking here.  You’re not going to see me in a pretty purple dress here. Just raw me. Showing you that the time is NOW. Because it’s that important of a message.

As one of my chapters in Sleeping Naked After 40 is so perfectly titled “IF IT’S NOT THIS. IT’S THAT”.

There will always be something that can potentially “stand” in your way of STARTING.

How many times have you said, I’ll start tomorrow?

I often think about what I would do differently if I knew I had only a month to live. Sounds morbid maybe, but we never really know.
What would you do ? Would you wait to START living fully? Would NOW count so much more?  What are you doing today with your one very precious life?

I set out to prove a point so that I can motivate and inspire you to make the changes you say you so desperately want. I set out to show that there is no perfect time and that no “excuse” counts when it comes to self love and care.

For my second body building competition,  I purposely started 2 weeks before Christmas.  Check out why here in this unedited video.
(and be watching for the full video doc version coming soon, where I share it all… the struggles, the challenges, the celebrations, the journey)


P.S. If you are stuck and need a jump start, start now by emailing me and I’ll help you.

Sending you love, gratitude and the opportunity to get naked with yourself,

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