Weight Loss: How small changes produce huge results

Just a little bit can make a huge difference.

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When your own kids tell you to “SHOW UP” or  “SHUT UP”,  you may want to look at what you are doing. Grrrr !! (There’s that self reflection thing again or the honesty of “out of the mouths of babes” or in this case my “adult babes”). That seemed to be the theme of this competition, my attitude and do I want to do it, or don’t I?   Go ahead and watch the video and I’ll explain what was going on in my head.

When competing in a body building competition, the smallest changes in food and workouts can be the difference in how you present on stage. So it’s important to do it all in a systematic way. Simply put, you’ve got to show up fully in the work you put into it so that when you get on stage you show up with your body as the best it can be.

When you set out to do something, I mean when you really decide you want to do something, how do you show up?  Do you come with a bucket full of excuses as to why you couldn’t quite commit the whole way? Do you a story about why you could’t be all in?

What is the point of showing up half assed? Because if you do it half assed, you’ll get half assed results.

Where in your life do you notice that you say you want something but yet you don’t show up?

Part of what I learned early on was that the small things, that seemed annoying, actually matter. I learned that not doing them

A relationship, a program, a project, a commitment?  Hmm.. Interesting to notice and look at. I can guarantee you one thing and that is if you truly show up, giving your all, your attention, your focus, you will feel amazing about whatever result shows up. Because you showed up.

For my second body building competition,  I purposely documented this journey (watch movie trailer here) because I want to share with you the challenges and struggles that I came up against and how I DECIDED to DO IT ANYWAY! 
(and be watching for the full video doc version coming soon, where I share it all… the struggles, the challenges, the celebrations, the journey)


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