Are You Wearing Your Tiara?

Have you ever considered your Princess-ship, your Queen-ship, your Goddess-ness? Have you considered the wearing of a tiara to acknowledge your status?

I decided I would wear mine everywhere. While I am not much for labels, I DO want to carry around the feeling that these definitions provoke.

Goddess: A woman who is adored; especially for her beauty.

Princess: A woman regarded as outstanding in a particular sphere

Queen: A woman regarded as excellent or outstanding

The image and visual of wearing an “invisible” tiara can change the way you walk into a room as well as how you show up in a situation. Wearing your tiara is a gift of self love that reminds you to shine your brilliance out there in the world, just like the sparkling jewels on your tiara. 

Watch this to see what I am talking about: 

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.54.38 AM

What does your tiara look like? How does it feel when you put it on?

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