How Falling off Track Puts You On A Better Path

I never thought about it.

Until he said it.

I was just feeling off track. Off my message. Off my game.

Even though I continued to “eat naked” all the time, I was eating too much a lot of the time. Why do I say too much? Because it was too much for the wrong reasons…

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.59.11 AM

Yikes. Here’s where I face the truth and strip naked in front of the camera to prove it.

 Click here to watch the transformation. 

For example, I was eating to replace LOVE instead of eating with LOVE…. and THAT behavior shows up ON your body in the form of unnecessary heavy pounds. But that is for another blog.

What is for this blog is what came out of the man’s mouth who stood in the kitchen with me.

Out of his mouth came this idea,


After I gave him a stunned look and butterflies flew away, the fear turned to excitement and question then changed to “HOW THE HECK WOULD I DO THAT?”

I don’t have funds to film a 21 week documentary and hire a film crew?

I don’t even know a film crew?

I don’t know how to do this?

I can’t do this?

The doubts popped in and I let them pass, and then I DECIDED that I LOVED this idea.

That is where the magic began.

It all began with the DECISION to do it and the LOVE that went with it.

Into my life walked the most amazing people.

A photographer, a writer, an editor, a director, a filmmaker, a teacher, a PR expert.

YUP.  They walked right through the open door. And I met them with gratitude.


So I remain beyond friggin’ excited and grateful for this whole experience as it is unfolds in miraculous ways every single day.

I almost can’t believe it’s really happening. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve been working on this project for almost a year now. I believe in this quantum metaphysics belief stuff, and I get it.

I believed it would happen so of course it’s happening.

I filmed the story of






Why am I telling you this? Because I need you to see that falling off track puts you on a better path. Because you experiences contrast and create the way for what you want.

My fall off, put me onto a movie. I filmed a movie. Go figure. I am not a movie star. I am a regular woman, just life you.

How lucky and grateful I am to be able to share with you what is possible for you.


In case you are asking why I would do such a thing and share my vulnerabilities in a bikini, baring my body and soul with you. 

Trust me on this one. I ask myself that often as well. ((hee hee))

A little crazy, but I am on a mission. IDK, somewhere along the way I got passed this torch because I see the beauty if so many woman who play i small because they feel big in their body and unworthy in their soul.

That doesn’t sit well with me.

SO.. hence the before and after’s, my struggle is your struggle. My success is your too.

I want to inspire, motivate and encourage YOU (every woman)  to step into her beautiful life in a fulfilling way. I want every woman to know that what she wants is POSSIBLE if she just believes it is. I want every woman to know that falling down,  falling off, getting distracted, distressed or side track is part of the growing experience. It’s all part of what makes you divine. Finding out who you really are by reaching for your best self is the game. And it’s fun and it’s all possible. I want every woman to see that they can create the best amazing version of themselves.


Watch the trailer here at Strength Beyond Muscle and like me over on Facebook too.  What do you think of the trailer? Does it inspire you to step it up a notch?


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