Universal Humor: Spirituality and My Hair Color



OMG! You are too funny. Once again you blow me away with your humor. Or rather you teach me divinely with your amazingly hysterical miracles. 


I love my purple hair. I love the girl that colors it. I love my time spent with her.

But lately, every woman that I’ve run into has been coloring her own hair.

The stranger in the store, my client, my sister.

L’oreal. Color Number…… It’s so cheap. And easy.

“It’s ridiculous”, they collectively told me.  “All that time wasted at the salon and all the money spent week after week. Just do it yourself”. 

I start “thinking”… Well, I’m not an idiot.  I should save some time and $ too. 

Last week my sister said again as I admired her hair, “Rosie, Don’t be an idiot. It’s so simple to do it yourself. Save money and time and get the same results”.

OKAY. So I even I texted her from the drug store yesterday to assure that I was purchasing the right color and brand. She re-assured me that it would look great!

This morning I had 20 minutes and the box was on the table so… I decided this was the moment to step into this new idea of self care.

Did I ask for any help? NOPE.

Did I read the directions in their entirety?  NOPE.

Was I fully present, engaged and totally in my body as I engaged in this ridiculously simple task of squeezing a tube into a bottle and shaking them together?  OBVIOUSLY NOPE. 


I read half the directions.

and then I used half the ingredients.

I squeezed a tube in the bottle,  I applied the mixture, I set the timer and waited.

After the 20 minutes was up, I went to look at the rest of the instructions and under the paper was an extra tube.  OOPSIE!

photo (48)

DOUBLE FRIGGIN’ OOPSIE!!  What was this extra tube?


I did not use the color to color my hair.

What’s all this mean about my spiritual practice?

My Spiritual practice in a simple nutshell is “Being present/showing up/living now”.

Clearly I only half showed up to color my hair. Where was the rest of me?  IDK… off in the past somewhere assessing or off in the future obsessing. Clearly neither place works for my beauty. 

Trying to save time and money…. saved me nothing BUT it did give me a BIG GIFT. The big gift of a little lesson. Here I share the 7 things that came from my hair experience.:

  1. Get my hair done professionally. I like the girl, I like the purple she uses and I like the results.
  2. Ask for help when needed. Call Sister and go thru instructions.
  3. Practice discernment ~ Maybe I don’t have to do what anyone else suggests
  4. Slow the frig’ down
  5. “BE” totally present and show up fully for every activity, especially for self!
  6. Remember Grandma Violets saying, “don’t be penny wise and pound foolish
  7. Don’t take it personally when someone calls you and IDIOT

To clarify further the bigness that came from the forgotten tube:

Maybe I don’t have to do what other women do and strongly suggest.

Maybe I can listen, learn and discern on my own what works for me.

I never TELL my clients what to do. I share results and ask what feels right for them. I don’t feed them what works for me. I share the possibility and they decide based on themselves. So I’ll jump in on my own advice here.

HMMMM. For me?

Maybe for this woman… I choose, decide and prefer to have someone else care for my hair needs.

Maybe for this woman… my relationships don’t look like anyone else’s.

Maybe for this woman… my life is my own and I create what feels right for me.

Maybe it’s just that simple and I can do that right NOW.

One more thing… I texted my sister to show her the picture of the tube. Her response,


“Come on over and let me help you redo it”.





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