7 Tips for Creating the Best Holiday Season

I’m figuring right about now you are experiencing lots of feelings.

Maybe you are saying one or all of these things:

1.“OMG! I ate so much this weekend“. You didn’t intend to BUT you did… and now you’re feeling stuffed from too much food.

2. “OMG! I can’t imagine why she married that guy” (you may be speaking about your cousin or whoever was next to you at that Thanksgiving table) and UGH…you’ve had way too much of the extended family dining experience.

3. “OMG! I’ve got to get a deal!” You may feel you are missing out on some 75 % discount somewhere and YIKES.  You may be seeing red in the relentless Black Friday and continuing thru to Cyber Monday’s purchase opportunities infiltrating and smothering your inbox.

I mean really.


Can I put the dinner dishes away first?  Can I breathe? I’m still swallowing that forkful (okay, okay, it was 2 forkfuls of my brother in laws infamous pecan pie) and I haven’t had a second to breathe in the beautiful events and overflowing lessons of the Thanksgiving Day’s experience before icing it over a shopping-frenzied cherry!


I am not in the mood to jump in just yet. For me that’s a very huge discovery, as you are talking to the quintessential LOVER OF THE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE and COLLECTOR of PRETTY THINGS. Oh and I love a bargain, too, but not today.


TODAY, I am practicing the art of savoring the moment, and living in the NOW.  So shopping TODAY for a holiday that is 25 days from now seems excessive in my new place of being present. YES, I used to do it! But since deciding that this old “tradition” or “ritual” is now out of control and no longer works in my life, I don’t choose ’ participate in the shopping frenzy on Thanksgiving weekend. 


I want to practice this every day. This practice of living in the moment stuff. This NOW stuff.


It’s powerful. It’s amazing. It’s life changing.  


And it’s friggin’ hard to do. 






You may choose to use today in anyway you choose, but please be sure YOU CHOOSE. Be sure not to get swept up by the drama, exaggeration, obligation, guilt of all the rush rush, save, save.

I prefer to slow time down, but not by rushing the season…  Hmmm, you say!  How’s that possible?  You may be thinking that you never have enough time. And that’s the point, if you think you don’t have time, then you’d be right.

YOU can change that.



I’ve got a few tips to share and please don’t think I am preaching from a soap box or pulpit on what you SHOULD do for your holiday season. I have no idea what you should do. And neither does anyone else. ONLY YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. 


But there is one thing I know for sure… and that is… YOU SHOULD FEEL AMAZING about whatever you are doing… (even if it is that you are still washing the guests dishes and putting them away slowly for next Turkey Day).


I am sharing these tips and offering the suggestion and invitation in the hope that you’ll slow down and think about what you want.  I invite you to open up to the possibility that you can CREATE the holiday season that feels AMAZING and fits and honors your life.


What is the point of working till exhaustion, over-whelm, over-eating, over-stressing, over- inviting, over attending?


Get the frig’ OVER IT….  


Let me be clear that I do enjoy a hustle bustle experience, beautiful lights, sparkly clothes, and fun gift ideas,  but not because you tell me to HURRY UP or else I’ll miss out on something.




TAKE IT FOR WHAT’S WORTH…. and if you find some golden nuggets and gems at the end of this season… wear them well and send me a sparkling picture of yourself.


There are 7 TIPS FOR GETTING THRU THIS HOLIDAY SEASON WITH EASE GRACE and OF COURSE LESS WEIGHT ( I am talking more than physical weight. I am talking the weight of the whole season that could (if you allow it) feel quite heavy and taxing on your one very precious bod)


  1. YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF OUR OWN LIFE. Create a celebration that resonates with who you are.
  2. BE FLEXIBLE AND WILLING TO LET GO OF WHAT IS NOT WORKING.  – stop doing something that doesn’t work for you just because you think that everyone else wants it to and that you are obligated to do it.
  3. FALL IIN LOVE WITH THE IDEA OF CREATING NEW RITUALS THAT FEEL REALLY SPECIAL. Don’t be afraid to let go of things. Open your heart to new possibility.
  4. RESPECT THAT OTHER PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS but you don’t own their opinions. Don’t feel like you HAVE TO DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO.
  5. YOU DECIDE… what works for you and your loved ones. YOU make the final decision on who the holidays are spent with and how they are spent.
  6. LET GO OF EXPECTATION and DON”T BE ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME. Try new things and have fun with them.
  7. ENJOY EACH MOMENT of every day and treat each a holy-day.


P.S. My own personal shout out to Nordstom for not decorating or advertising about Christmas, until after the turkey was digested and enjoyed. THANK YOU NORDSTROM; you have the promise of my discretionary income… because YOU chose to honor a season and cherish a moment and I appreciate that.  I’ll put my money where my mouth is and fire up my gratitude with a shopping wee-hee spree to your beautiful store.

Here’s the sign that was posted at the store last week. I LOVE IT!

P. S. S.  UH Ohh!  Did I just see a 75% off shoe sale? hmmmm….

photo (59)

Make every moment count,


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  1. Love this post Rosie. And good for Nordstrom for being closed on Thanksgiving and allowing their employees to enjoy the holiday. On second thought, hope they didn’t close their doors to allow their employees to decorate for Christmas!!