Your Best Foot Forward

You won’t find me on the HURRY UP ~ GET ON THE BAND WAGON with your 2014 Resolution.


Honestly, I am not a fan of New Years resolutions.


Why? Because I believe that every day is the day that you put your best foot forward. I know what you are thinking now.  I’ve had that same thought. My best foot, doesn’t always feel like being the leader.


What I’ve learned is to accept that every day is different, but everyday holds divine miracles. All I have to do is look and notice them and accept that they are not always unfolding in exactly the way I planned. They are always, however, exactly as they should be.

As a matter of fact, this whole new years resolution thing and all the talk about them really pisses me off. I mean really.  We put all of our plans and dreams into one big RESOLVE and start rushing around madly to DO, DO, DO.

I personally think this a setup for failure. It’s the perfect opportunity to continue on the vicious cycle of getting nowhere and the perpetual longing to get somewhere. The perfect opportunity to change and grow presents itself daily, in every moment. So there is no right time to start…. no special day…

Maybe you can argue that the beginning of a new month and year is a nice time to think about what improvements you want to make in your life, but I invite you to do that anytime, all the time. Use every moment of your life to strive to be the best that you can be. Not just on Rockin’ New Years Eve but on Every Rockin’ Amazing Day.

Honestly, in about about 4 weeks, statistically speaking, you’ll be throwing in the towel on this new resolution that you made today. (It’s quite possible that the one you said you were starting today is already pushed over to tomorrow. Yikes!) Maintaining the momentum for this monumental change you’re up to is so out there, that you don’t know what to do while you’re here and now.

Change is possible and sustainable if you let go for a minute and sit with this simple idea. The truth is that you can make changes that feel comfy and cozy (uh…okay… give them a day or two, but you’ll get to that comfy cozy place eventually with consistency, I promise. It’s like anything new. I repeat, give it a second before giving up).



That’s it.

That’s all you move. One step.

What is that one step, you ask? Hmmm.. I don’t know what it is for you… but you know.

Look right in front of you right now and decide.

What step are seeing?

What can you step up to?

What do you want and what is that next thing that you can take action on that will bring you closer to it?

What if your goal were to lose weight and get healthy this year?  What you don’t do: Go to the gym 7 days a week for 2 hours of “treadmilling”. Give up all “carbs” and starve your body and brain. 

What you may do: Add a big tossed green salad before every meal.  Pick one elimination like soda, and start by reducing it down to half.  Replace it with sparkling water sparkled with fresh lemons and oranges and keep on reducing the soda until its gone.

That is a sustainable, maintainable, enjoyable LIFE- STYLE change..

What is in front of you right now? What is that one thing you can move towards with consistency and grace until it comes with ease and forms a habit in your heart and head?

Are you ready?

Lift your beautiful foot (it’s not that heavy) and move it forward and up.


As always, I invite you to learn in my kitchen so you can create healthy in yours. Get your free Naked 40 Food List and How to Lessons and please share your step below with the Sleeping Naked After 40 Community…

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