Be-ing the Game Changer

 Whatever you do, do it to the fullest.

  • When you are with someone, BE with them.
  • When you are reading a book, jump into the pages, sneak between the lines.
  • When you are at the gym, BE at that gym,lift, pull, push, breathe, feel.
  • When you are eating, BE with the food, savor, salivate and taste every delicious bite.

If you are reading this blog, sit down and read this blog. 🙂
Sounds so simple. Right?  Then why do you find yourself somewhere else when you are right here?

As an FYI, yesterday, I was having such a huge party in my head, and all Negative Thoughts received the invitation. They showed up and were having such a good time, that I found myself fully immersed in their experience. UGH! I had a shitty time there, but I was drawn to it.
For me to get out of there with my heart still in one piece, I had to reach for a few tools to help me out and that brings me to part 2 of the The Game Changer Blog Part 1.

This game is changeable and we always have the option. The intention is to be present. Be so into the moment right now that you are really living fully. It’s a power-filled place where anything is possible.

Here is how you can BE the Game Changer in your own life.

These reminders will help you in your practice of being more present. They will help you stay here NOW.  Trust me on this one, it is a practice, just like going to the gym and caring for your body. You can never stop. But it will get easier and it does get easier to pull yourself out of a “party” that doesn’t serve up the good stuff. The more you allow the experience of what is going on in the moment, the less you stress, the better you eat and the better you feel.

When you find yourself drifting off to the past to dance with resentment or rushing the future to drink with worry, you can use these tools to bring yourself back into this moment, right here and now.

If you are reading this blog.. Read the friggin’ blog. Don’t crowd the words with the piles of laundry or dishes in the sink. They’ll wait for you, I promise.

This way of BEING is a game changer.

Let me share a bit more about this. I wasn’t always this way. I was pissed off at lots of people and at myself.
After years of trying to change things and people in the past, I realized that nothing I do or think would make that possible. You can’t go back in and get a re-do or a re-wind.  It doesn’t work that way. This is not Back to the Future (or past). So what is there that you can do to make your past better?


Focus on the moment.  YUP… Focus on this moment right her in front of you.

Sharing my experience may help you see how your game changing can transform your life. For me… I stopped putting so much energy into the old icky story of the past and I began to appreciate what was, for making what is. This included being grateful every “mistake” (which I rename as a lesson). Big or small, I reshaped my thoughts about my “bad” decisions.  And what if that decision wasn’t really that bad? After all, I always tried to make the best decision I could at that given time with the resources I was given, so how could they be bad?

I mean really, when was the last time you started your day thinking, “how can I royally screw up my day?”. I doubt you would do that. YOU always do your best even if that best is not always what your text book would declare as the best.

So what did I actually do? I forgave myself and the people who I perceived to have hurt me. I forgave myself for hurting others. I can assure you that when you truly truly forgive both them and you, you know what it feels like. BAM!  POWERFUL! ALTERING!  My 2 ex- husbands!  WOW.. I love my ex-husbands even more than now then when I was madly in love. Partly because I am no longer mad and partly because we all did the best we could when we did it! That is a profound switch and one that I would never have thought even remotely possible.

It was hard work (10 years worth!) But totally worth it.
The most beautiful revelation is that after all those years of trying to change the past and how everyone acted, even if I could, I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.
All of your past experiences have brought you right here to the present. And here is where it’s rockin’ awesomeness and miraculous..
SO PRACTICE…makes presence.. the gift that it truly is. 

Here are 5 really simple things you can practice in order to get more present.

1. LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR. When you are out to dinner in a restaurant, request a shut off moment. Offer the opportunity for everyone to shut off their cell phones or leave them in the car. Take each other in instead. If they won’t join you, no worries. You can do it for yourself.

2.  BREATHE & FEEL. Breathe in deeply to the count of three, hold for three and release slowly for three. Do this times to ground yourself. Notice what’s happening around you. What is the floor beneath your feet feel like? What sounds are in the background? What is it like to listen to silence?

3.  SHUT THEM OFF. When you are dining at home, set the table, shut off the TV,  get rid of any distractors. Have your appointed nourishment time. Your time to eat is the time that you eat.

4.  WRITE TO THEM. Write a letting go letter to someone or something from the past. Write the letter, then release it by ripping, burying or burning the paper. The things you can’t change have no bearing on you. Let them go. 

5.  BELIEVE. Turn your fear of what may happen into a spiritual practice of faith. Develop a prayer or mantra that asks God, Angels, Guides, The Universe, Source (pick one or two or all of them) to take your fear and replace it with faith. You can’t have both at the same time. If you are feeling fear, your faith is missing. Hang onto your FAITH, keep reminding yourself of it and there will be no room for fear to come in. When it does. You can go back to your mantra and repeat and repeat until it becomes your natural shifting state.  

So much to do? Not really.  Pick one and start here.


I’d love your comment about your personal present moment experiences and how it has changed your life.  If you want to start by changing your food NOW, hop over to and get your FREE virtual cooking lessons and your NAKED 40 LIST… the foods you need to build the body you crave.


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