Ordering Health from a Restaurant Menu

It’s not always easy…. but it’s always worth it… and it’s always POSSIBLE.

You can order health from a restaurant menu, but you’ve got to have some skills. With a little practice you will be come an expert at the scanning and selection process so that you can create health even from the most challenging menu.

I guess you can say I’m a “sauce on the side” girl or you can call me “annoying, the type of diner that waiters dread”… but I like that control, that I get to choose how much or how little I want. I get to ask for what I want!

It is after all, MY PRECIOUS BODY. I live in it. Why would I leave my health up to a bunch of cooks in a kitchen who have no idea what my body needs?

I’ve gotten so trained at this skill of finding healthy options, that it’s no longer stressful. Some people call  me ballsy.  Some call me annoying. But I call me SMART and KNOWING what I need to be healthy and feel good. You know what you need to, so why don’t you ask for it.

WATCH THE SLEEPING NAKED AFTER 40 LIFE-STYLE TIPS TO DINING OUT WITH HEALTH in this below video so that you can ask for what you want and most likely get it.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 8.01.10 AM


Remember these 4 main reasons to choose from the menu according to your desires:

  1. IT’S YOUR BODY: You choose what to put in it.
  2. IT’S YOUR MONEY: You are paying for services, so don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.
  3. IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS: It’s not your business what the waiter thinks of your choices or food combinations.
  4. IT’S NOT SELFISH: Putting your needs for health first and foremost are not selfish. The best you is the best gift you can give to everybody. If you don’t like the restaurant options, get up and go somewhere else.

Check out some of the dishes I’ve ordered:

Here is something I ordered in a Japanese restaurant. Look how beautifully they prepared my plate and gave me a radish rose to make me even happier.


Here is something I ordered in an American Restaurant and although it looks bland, it was clean, healthy and I felt great after eating it.

photo (72)

Here was my choice for a diner breakfast. Be sure to ask for your eggs, dry… explain… no oil…. for the omelet and sub out greens for the potatoes. All sauces of the side.

photo (73)

“Every meal is an opportunity to improve your health and

create a better life-style. Start right now.” 

Look I love to eat. I also love my body. I also love feeling healthy in my body. So my rule is that if I am in a very special place, at a very special event, for a very special celebration, I’ll kiss the chef and eat the special of the nite. But if you eat out weekly or more, you’ll have to adjust your ordering style if you want to create a style of living that supports your health and sexy body. If you really think about the trade off, its a no brainer to swap out conscious selection of your food for consciously creating the healthy you desire.


What has been your experience in ordering out? Share with me in the comments below.

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