Multi-tasking May Be Making You Fat

Are you a Multi-tasker? Uh oh! Multitasking may be making you fat.

Are you doing and doing ridiculous amounts of things every day? Doing to get done? To keep up? To get more? But not fully in the experience of any of them?

I promise that you are not going to get a gold metal or gold watch for being a Mindless Multi-Tasking Maniac.

The only thing you will get from mindlessly perusing around in multi-tasking mode is fat, unhealthy and pissed-off!

I will go so far as to say that the number one thing you can do to build your healthy, sexy body is to switch out of that autopilot setting from multitasking mode. Push the friggin’ OFF button now and slow down. 

I can end the email here and you can experiment with this concept.  You’ll be back to report how good you feel and the pounds that left.

It will happen. I’ve seen it.

Just last week, a brand new client and I had one conversation before she decided to work with me on her health goals.

Just one. And within one week, she dropped 5 pounds before we even started to dig in to doing anything. She didn’t go on a diet, cut back on her calories, or go to the gym.

What did she do different?

She was just different.

She replaced mindless multitasking with mindful presence.

When she ate, she thought about her food.

She actively participated in choosing the best option available at every given time, every single time.

She sat down.

She looked at her plate.

She ate.


That is it. I kid you not.

How it feels to be present to your food and what changes show up on your body when you show up for your life?

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