Creative Kitchen Concoctions for Self Love

When was the last time you got creative in your kitchen?

COOKING in your home kitchen equates to extreme self love and care. Taking the time to experience the art of creating something special to feed yourself and your family is sometimes lost in this crazy busy world.

Cooking, chopping, concocting and creating is very calming, centering and will bring you straight into your present moment practice. Those moments in your kitchen become simply divine.

You really can’t screw this one up. With only 3 ingredients and the spices of your liking, you’ll love the results.


This super concoction, cooked up in my kitchen,  turned out to be a turkey rice ball stuffed with a secret surprise sprout!  The veggie is the center and the meat is the treat.  

The veggie is the center and the meat is the treat.  

These 5 balls make up one serving…YUP.. you can eat it them all in one sitting… My original plan was to put them atop some spaghetti squash or black bean pasta but I didn’t have either… so Plan C was to put them atop a spinach salad. It was perfectly filling and yummy.

Here’s how make the surprise turkey balls:

6 brussels sprouts (very slightly steamed just to soften a little)

Meat mixture:

  • 3 oz ground turkey
  • 1/4 c left over brown rice
  • chopped onions, garlic, spinach, spices and seasoning of your liking

Combine meat ingredients together. Wrap meat around a brussels sprout and cover it forming a ball. You should have enough meat to wrap around 5 sprouts generously.

Creative Kitchen Concoctions for Self LoveI baked them in a baking dish (coated the pan with a think layer of coconut oil) Bake for about 20 ish minutes until browned…

photo (69)

This friggin’ rockin’ little recipe….is addicting. These make a  great lunch to pack up and transport with you or take 2 for a snack instead.  Doubling or tripling the recipe allows you to cook once and get multiple meals from this yum-azing idea.


by Rosie Battista

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