Coconut Cashew Candy Without Consequences

Candy without consequences. That’s what I call this treat.

Something this good seems like it should be more complicated to make. The Coconut Cashew Candy snack has the look and feel of chocolate but is not chocolate at all. It’s in a state of yumminess all by itself that can only be described by the sound of hmmmmmmm. [section_title]INGREDIENTS[/section_title]

[section_title]DIRECTIONS[/section_title] I used black and white polka dot mini cupcake papers for these. Here is your very simple recipe that literally takes 4 ingredients and less 4 minutes: Coconut Cashew Candy Without Consequences Warm coconut butter so it is pourable. Mix cashew and coconut in a bowl adding vanilla and stevia. It was soft enough and easy enough to mix in one bowl with a spoon. Then place the mixture into mini candy cups, mini cupcake tins or chocolate molds. Freeze until solid and store in freezer. Option: Those little red dots you see in the candy cups above are goji berries. I added 1 tbsp to the mixture for some color. Fun but not necessary. Coconut Cashew Candy Without Consequences I used this cashew butter. You want to be sure that the only ingredient in your cashew butter is “cashews” and the only ingredient in your coconut butter is “coconut”… That is what I call truly naked! Nothing else is necessary. There are lots of nut butters on the shelves that include the nut with a lot of other unnecessary oils and sugars. YOU and your healthy, sexy body don’t want that. I poured the mixture into bunny molds to make some easter candy bunnies. Coconut Cashew Candy Without Consequences This creamy delite has so much flavor and soft smooth creamy texture, I have to make my apologies ahead of time. You will have cravings. The good thing is you won’t have the consequences that you would if you ate a bag of M&M’s. One little tip. If you really want a quickie snack, you can purchase 2 small packets of Artisana butters, coconut (see here) and cashew (see here), add a dash of vanilla and stevia and you’ve got one helping of candy. These individual envelopes are available in most health food stores near the nut butters. (Little tip: You can carry these envelopes with you as an emergency energy snack and simple suck it out of the package) I prefer to have them mixed together to create this wonderful little treat that feels divine while you eat it and after you are done too. (And yes, I guess it is possible to squeeze both bags into your mouth at the same time if you were really in a pickle) Coconut Cashew Candy Without Consequences

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