Olive Oil is Not What You Think

You’re being fed big fat lies everyday that are peering at you from the supermarket shelves. Here’s just one more to add to the list.

OlivExtra? Light “tasting” olive oil? W H A T ?

Olive oil may not actually be the olive oil you would expect when a bottle is marked olive oil. Sometimes it’s not even as clearly indicated as these two are. If you happen to be over 40 like me, you’ve got to be armed with the magnifiers and reading glasses at all times to protect your health when grocery shopping. The “OLD” idea that OLIVE OIL is the healthy oil is “OLD” and “OVER”.

As you can see, these two bottles are blends. Think about this. If you ask for olive oil in a restaurant, they would present it in a pretty bottle and technically they could say “here you are” and you’d have no idea you were getting low quality, unhealthy vegetable oil or canola mixed in with low quality olive oil.

The point is that we’re at the point that olive oil is not “olive” oil.
Olive Oil is Not What You ThinkOlive Oil is Not What You Think

I’ve been privy to this secret for a while because Grandma told me so, and I was not about to argue with her!

My 86 year old Italian Cooking Goddess Grandmother Maria, told me, “The olive oil is not-ta good here, they keep-a it over there! “ (with the accent on NOT and KEEP and her hands flailing to solidify her point, of course I had to agree). The translation of her Italian dialect is that they keep the good stuff in Italy and ship the inferior goods to us.

While that’s not entirely true, (you could go to a gourmet store to shop for imports) there are major problems cooking up on the supermarket shelf. Lies ? Maybe. Confusion. For sure.

Check out this label which indicates “refined olive oil and virgin olive oil” and it could be from any one of the countries indicated: Italy, Greece, Spain, Tunsia, Turkey, Morocco. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of these countries, but I’d like to know what I am getting and where it’s coming from. Is this refined mixture really healthier than “butter, canola, vegetables and other cooking oils” as the label also indicates? (Do they mean it’s healthier than grass fed organic butter? Hmmmm.)

Olive Oil is Not What You Think

I share with you my findings and beliefs with an invitation for you to investigate on your own behalf. WAKE UP! Become the protector of your body. Know where your food is coming from and what you are eating.

In Sleeping Naked After 40, olive oil is one of the foods I discourage. Clients always proceed with “what’s wrong with a little olive oil?” As a matter of fact I prefer to help you see how you can get your fat from the WHOLE food. Working, studying and certifying with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, gave me further evidence.

Dr. Fuhrman’s research suggests that “Olive oil is deficient in nutrients – the vitamin and mineral content of olive oil is very small due to the discarding of the protein during extraction, which contain a significant portion of the sterols anit-oxidants and protein-bound fibers. The beneficial micronutrients that do remain in the olive oil, like some plant sterols, are plentiful in other foods that are less calorically dense” (keep reading).

In other words, most olive oils available to us are highly processed, and even more importantly not the real deal anymore.

Discoveries are continuing to come out from other trusted sources that are revealing the lies in the olive oil industry. Mike Adam’s Natural News shares an article explaining how” EVOO might be cut with crap or doctored with chlorophyll …(read the rest)


Think of it this way. Would you let the gas attendant put inferior oil into the car you love and rely on to get you where you need to go? I doubt it.

So where do you get your healthy fats?
FROM unprocessed, untouched, NAKED (whole) FOOD, of course:

wild salmon


So now what? What the heck can you put on your salad and veggies if you can’t douse it in olive oil?

Raw veggies, water steaming, sautéing, roasting, baking… are all ways to eat your veggies without oil. I also use the best quality coconut oil that works for everything. And it’s yummy. I am aware how this product is manufactured and where it is sourced.

As for dressings! You can make the most creamy delish dressings using no oil at all. Come on over to my kitchen and check it out and try this one for simple sweet creamy dressing.

Mix in high vitamix blender:

  • 1/4 c raw cashews
  • 1/3 almond milk
  • 1/2 apple
  • 1 mejool dates

If this whole olive oil thing is intriguing to you and you want the rest of the story, read EXTRA VIRGINITY. A good read, great info, and one more reason to know what the frig’ you are eating.

Isn’t it time that you became conscious of what you are taking into that beautiful body of yours?

Get on this. Go to your your cabinets. Start there. If you find garbage in your cabinets, gratefully add it to the trash where it belongs.

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