13 Mood Shifters for Being Gorgeous and Feeling Amazing

So you want answers on how to be gorgeous and feel amazing, right now, even though you’re feeling uncomfortable in your body, disconnected and blah. I have some ideas for you on how to shift all that.

13 Mood Shifters for Being Gorgeous and Feeling Amazing .No matter what your age or stage. (So don’t even try that excuse) Be-ing gorgeous and feel-ing amazing is a matter of choice. Okay, hold on. I hear you loud and clear.

On those days that you are feeling nowhere near gorgeous, you may think you have no choice but to stay feeling crappy. That is one possibility. But why would you want to do that?  The best thing to do is acknowledge how you feel and then move on.

On those days, you still have a choice.  You really do. You can shift how you feel and acting is the best way. It’s as simple as getting up on your stage and pretending. Remember all the pretend play that you did as a kid?

Acting as if you were someone else, a teacher, doctor, nurse? Here’s your opportunity to act as if…once again. Act as if you are already- are-absolutely-right-now-at-this-current-moment- gorgeous and amazing.

Now hold on a minute.

I’ve had some comments emailed to me, suggesting, “ROSIE,  How could you? You talk about being real and now you tell me to ACT and pretend”? Yup. That is exactly what I am saying. I am talking about real acting. Real “acting as if.”  Because “acting as if” puts you in a different state. Acting brings on the action. It will shift you and change the way you FEEL. And the bottom line is that it is all about how you feel.

It is the feeling that creates and attracts. You want to feel… and you want to feel good stuff. So if you are experiencing a  “bleh” “blah” or “meh” day … put your acting to the test and step out on your stage. I have some suggestions, or perhaps I should say invitations. I invite you to experiment and try out some new ways of being.

13 Mood Shifters for Being Gorgeous and Feeling Amazing ( COME ON AND OWN YOUR TITLE)

These 13 ideas are acting tools and  MOOD SHIFTERS that are fun and easy to do. They’ll help you act it out differently so you can feel differently.

That difference is where the magic happens because when you start to feel it, you start to believe it and there you are. 

1. STOP MATCHING PERFECTLY. Wear your favorite things, often and together even and especially if they don’t match.

2.  DON’T FIT IN. Instead stand out by being the real YOU and stop trying to be “normal”  like the setting on your washing machine. ( between you and me, do you know anyone who is “normal” by normal standards whatever they are?)

3. COOK NAKED. Decide that you will take no more processed, refined, fake, artificial crap into your  amazing bod.

4. GET NAKED. Say what you mean by really letting yourself show.

5.  LOSE THE FAKE STUFF. Mean what you say and be real.

6. FALL IN LOVE. With everybody, with everything and most of all, with yourself.

7. WALK INTO EVERY ROOM LIKE IT’S YOUR PARTY. Light up the room with your brilliance (and your smile).

8. HAVE AMAZING SACRED SEX. Slowly with presence and gratitude and often.

9. DO THE MATH.  Count miracles instead of calories or mistakes.

10. BE STILL AND SILENT. Connect with source daily and listen to your inner guidance.

11. BE PASSIONATE. If you find yourself half in, get all in or get out.

12. LIFT IT. Lift weights to lift your spirit and anything else that gravity is attracting. Pick ’em up and lift those weights so your muscles, your bones, your brain will be in tune, in touch, in shape and in gratitude.

13. EAT COOKIES.  Treat yourself well with food and thoughts.

And last but not least, SLEEP NAKED.  Be so comfortable in your own skin and fall so deeply in love with your divine self that love permeates from every pore, gushes out and affects everyone that comes near or far of you.

13 Mood Shifters for Being Gorgeous and Feeling Amazing

Give one, many or all of these shifters a chance to help you change for the better. Doing one will cause another, so it doesn’t matter where you start.

It is my wish that something on this page inspires you to grow.

Please let me know what happens for you, how much fun you are having, what you discovered and how awesome you are feeling. 🙂

With love oozing from this page to you, xxoo, ROSIE

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