Body Kindness

“I’m fat.  I hate my thighs.  My butt is too big.  My boobs are too small.  I’m lumpy.  Nothing fits me.”


That’s a bit mean. Don’t you think? Talking about your body with gross, grim and gut churning vernacular. Picking, picking, picking.

Okay that may be a bit dramatic but I had to get your attention.

Your attention to the fact that YOUR BODY is YOUR FRIEND.  It may be a wise decision on your part to designate your body as your best bud.  After all, she comes with you everywhere. She responds to all of your input. She gives you the information you need (if you’ll listen and tune in), she carries you around and puts up with all your crap every single day. She never takes a day off. She is always there.

The question is. How would you treat a friend who was that  kind to you?

I believe that you would return the favor and be so grateful to her, you would respond with loving kindness right back at her. Wouldn’t you?

So the question remains. Seriously?

It’s time to stop with the unkindness. It’s time to replace the old behavior, nasty thoughts, vicious words about your body with new improved and empowering thoughts and kind acts of love. You’ve got one very precious body that live in right now. Treat her like she deserves to be treated, as the amazing gorgeous living being that she is and I promise, she will keep responding in kind.

I used to hate my thighs. As a matter of fact, my body never felt good enough to me. I spent 30 years trying to change it. I am happy to say that is no longer the case for me.  The switch happened when I fell in love. In love with me. There is magic there. This self love piece is an art and a practice. If you are not loving the amazing women that you are right now, you can start with some kindness. Just a little bit goes a long way and practice makes perfect in this case. So start writing and start practicing.

Body Kindness

Here is your first opportunity to write a letter of loving forgiveness and acceptance to YOU.  In The Guidebook,  Sleeping Naked After 40 Guidebook Lesson 6, Page 135, I refer to this as Body Kindness.


I invite you t copy this letter and fill in the blanks as you see them.  Open your heart as you read it over and find that place to really take a new look at your Self and the divine amazing women you are in a whole new way.


Dearest Body of Mine _________________(you),

Thank you for your resilience and for putting up with my__________ during our prior relationship. I’d like to change that part of our relationship and make it better for both of us. This is how I want it to look and feel________________. Since we are “together” and you are part of my every moment, moving forward, here is what I propose________________. I promise to do my best each day to nourish you with healthy beautiful food in a loving way by practicing _____________. I affirm that you are________________.
Love you so much, ____________________(signed by you)


Kindness to your body is something that is often forgotten. You can keep up this art and practice of self love toward your body by creating a body journal and making a list of all the amazing things your body does for you. Find the gratitude there. Keep practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing until you fall so madly in love that you would never dream of treating it any other way!

While you’re at it, feed your Self “naked” food because your body craves and deserves it. (learn more about naked eating here)

How did it feel to write this letter? Please share with me in the comments below.



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