11 Really Good Reasons Not to Exercise

Should you or shouldn’t you?

Let’s discuss this like adults.

There is a ridiculous amount of information flying around out there on the benefits of exercise and why it’s so very very good for you.

Enough already. It’s annoying.

Everyday you can open your email and find a few blogs, some researchers, more than a couple of articles and tons of experts sharing the benefits of exercising. Go ahead and type the word “exercise” into the google search and you’ll get pages and pages (and pages) of titles like these:

  • 10 Top Reasons to Exercise Regularly
  • 50 Good Reasons to Exercise
  • 25 Reasons for Exercise
  • 7 Benefits of Regular Physical Activity
  • 100 Reasons You Should Work Out
  • 22 Reasons to Work Out Now 

I FIND IT COMPLETELY ANNOYING. Don’t you?  They act as if you don’t know the benefits. But of course you know. 

Oh but, but, butt, buttt wait! 

You’re still sitting on your butt!

So perhaps you need to hear it in a different way. (a kinder-gentler-rosie-sort-of-way)

Perhaps you need to see in print why the excuses that you turn into reasons make my top 11 list of the Really Good Reasons NOT to Exercise. 

Which ones do you convince yourself of? 

And of course, feel free to use them to further enhance your but(t), whenever you feel like you don’t want to move yours!

  • You don’t want to disappoint your doctor because he already has your anti-depressant prescription filled out and waiting for you. 
  • You are very attached to your lovely muffin top, it’s been hanging around for years now and you don’t want to lose it. 
  • You feel really sexy when your clothes are really tight and you’re afraid you’ll have to splurge for a new wardrobe if you lost some weight. 
  • You love when you get out of breath simply walking up the stairs because it makes you feel like you’re working out really hard. 
  • You’re living on a prayer knowing that your health is borderline , but hey, you really like that Bonjovi’s song and you’re excited to make it your theme song. 
  • You would rather go to Walgreens and pay for blood pressure pills than pay for that overpriced gym membership.
  • You are happy that you’ll finally be the biggest loser, as your bones lose mass and you lose muscle.
  • You love the feeling of a soft and squishy body, as it reminds you of your childhood squishy stuffed teddy bear.
  • You prefer swallowing (anti-depressants) to walking for pleasure.
  • You feel comfortable creating obstacles to good sex as you get less mobile because you’ve always liked obstacle courses. 
  • You’re sick of all the new-agey statements of “50 being the new 30” and “orange being the new black”, because you prefer the old idea that old is old and feeling 70 when you are 50 is how it’s supposed to be.

Have I got your attention ?

And just in case, after reading this, you feel compelled to get off your butt, I invite you to the floor. This simple but very effective leg workout can be done while you’re watching your favorite movie!

11 Really Good Reasons Not to Exercise




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  1. These seriously resonated. I woke up this morning feeling fuzzy headed–we have had unusual heat and humidity and it wreaks havoc with allergies. I have an 830am with my trainer that I wish I didn’t have. But I do have it and I don’t cancel. Because I know I have to do it. Excuses aren’t my issue any more. The lure of the kitchen is. Sigh.

  2. What if you made the kitchen time more fun by getting NAKED in there @carolcassara ? Woot to the personal trainer that loves you so much, she shows up at your door !