Sexy. Naked. Food.

What if you could feel great naked?  

It is possible. Really, it is. No matter where you stand right now. 

Why is it important to feel good naked?  Far too many women have shared with me how they don’t like themselves naked. And it stops them.


Stops them from truly enjoying all areas of life. Sex is a big “no-no” when you don’t feel good naked.  If you find yourself resisting and avoiding sex because you don’t like your body, you are missing out on a big part of your health.

I would invite you to consider that you could change this uncomfortable feeling in your body if you changed the food you took into your body.  (Click here to find out why great sex is a major component of great health). And continue reading on if you want to find out more about Sexy. Naked. Food.

When you eat better, you will LOOK BETTER NAKED. That’s a fact.

More importantly, when you eat better, you will FEEL BETTER NAKED. And how you feel is most important of all.

“Eating better means …:”eating sexy, naked food.”  Or “eating sexy food while you are naked”. Or “eating naked food before having sex.”

Pick one. They all point to the same thing. It’s all about feeling good in your body and about your body by taking “action” to get you what you want. By action, I mean clean up your plate.  Really ? Seriously? If you are actually thinking that you could eat a few slices of pizza topped off with a mound of ice cream for dessert and feel happy to be ripping off your clothes, I seriously doubt it. Sorry. More likely you’ll be ripping them off because they feel tight, you feel bloated and gross and because that is the direct result of eating like crap. It doesn’t feel very sexy.

Let’s be real here. You are indeed living in your body. Whether you call it your temple or your vehicle, it is your mode of transportation in this life. The better you feel in “it” and about “it”, the more confidence you will have. The more confidence  you have will allow you to put your best self out there in whatever it is you are up to in this world. When you feel rockin’ hot, sexy and gorgeous, everyone believes you. Even you believe you.  

One of my favorite quotes is:


Feeling confident means that you’ll feel sexier.  And feeling sexier opens up a whole new world of creative experiences as your sexual energy is a power force. Read more about that…

Here is the list of my 5 top sexy, naked foods. Eating these foods promote health and support your body to being it’s healthiest, sexiest best. An immediate increase in your confidence and self esteem will ensue.

Besides the nutritional punch and all the vitamins and minerals they supply, I offer you a different look at these foods. Their symbolic reference to love, intimacy and pleasure make them an even sexier choice and something to think about as you nourish yourself with naked goodness.

I invite you to experience the recipes below for an amazingly Sexy Dressing on top of your grandiose greens.  If you don’t feel like the crunching munching idea of a salad, try the Sexy Shake to drink to your health and happiness.

Sexy. Naked. Food.


It’s been said that asparagus stirs up lust in men and women.
This vegetable is a great source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamins A and C, and thiamin and folic acid. The latter is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both sexes. And the shape of the asparagus spear is nature’s little tease. 


Long ago, the almond was regarded as fertility symbol.
It was even said that Samson wooed Delilah with these nuts.
Almonds provide vitamin E, magnesium and fiber and improve your general well being. The better you feel in your body, the better you perform in every area of your life. Yup. Sex is an area of your life. 


Avocados are voluptuous and feminine in shape and size. Back in the day, the Aztec’s thought that the fruit resembled the male testicles as it hung on trees in pairs. The avocado is a really healthy fruit filled with necessary good fat and quite helpful for enhancing hormones.


According to some myths, Adam (as in Adam and Eve) covered himself in banana leaves. Bananas are loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins. Another great “naked” food that will help you build your healthiest, sexiest body with its nutritious value.


Figs were Cleopatra’s favorite food and they are very sexy looking in appearance and texture. Cut one open and you ‘ll see why this juicy ripe beauty is synonymous with the female organs.

Sexy. Naked. Food.


This is one of the sexiest super-foods around. My fave. This root brags on the ability to enhance and improve your sexual libido and stamina.  This Peruvian power root makes a noticeable difference in your awareness and energy levels. Also referred to as Peruvian Ginseng, it was used as an energy enhancer and aphrodisiac. A mood lifter helps the situation but not as much as the increased sperm count that it is know to have an effect on.  Sexy Maca?  YES!

Sexy. Naked. Food.

Here’s a SEXY SALAD that is yummy delish, satisfying, body enhancing, weight loss promoting, and energy boosting.

Sexy. Naked. Food.


  • 2 figs
  • 1 banana
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp almond or 1 tbsp almond butter (use almond butter if your blender is not that powerful as in Vitamix) 

Mix all ingredients until creamy in your Vitamix. YUM.


For the base of your salad, combine a some a combo of chopped romaine, spinach and arugula leaves in a bowl. Add sliced asparagus spears and avocado on top. Pour Naked Dressing over greens and toss.  Serve your Sexy Salad on a gorgeous plate. 


  • combo of romaine, spinach, arugula
  • asparagus
  • avocado 

Sexy. Naked. Food.

If you’d rather drink to your health, go right ahead and make your Sexy Shake!


This shake combines sexy naked food for a really simple easy treat.  (Using frozen banana creates a cold and creamy treat) Remember to serve  it in a your very special glass. 

  • 2 fresh figs
  • 1 tbsp almonds
  • 3/4 c almond milk
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao
  • 1/2 frozen banana  
  • 1/3 avocado 


“If you eat processed, refined food, it will show up on your body. When you eat pure and “naked” foods (like the ones listed above), the body of your dreams will show up and you may just fall in love with your amazing “naked” self.”  ~ rosie battista 

Try this idea of sexy, naked food and let me know how you life changes. Comment here.

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  2. Rosie,

    Sorry to ask but where do I buy the Maca?

    I don’t see a link as you indicated with the Figs…I’m still looking for ones for the Adult Cookies :(I went around the E Windsor Shoprite 3 times. Even Customer Service couldn’t help.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Here is the link on Amazon so you can see the package.

      The Shoprite in my town has them right in the produce isle. All Shoprite stores don’t seem to carry the same products. You can call the company directly or try another brand of organic dried figs.

      Whole Foods Market has Maca Powder or a health food store or Amazon.
      Good Luck. Let me know how you make out.