Stop Forking Around With Your Sex Life

What’s on the end of your fork is only the beginning. ~rosie battista

Are you just too tired to do “it”,  feel too fat to expose your skin, feel too uncomfortable to relax, feel too disconnected in your body to find a connection with another body ?

If you are tired, fat, uncomfortable and out of shape, your fork is a good place to look. Because what you are eating matters alot in how you feel. Your food is an energy source so if you feel bad, you’re most likely eating crap.

And then… all areas of your life are affected. Your sex life is one of those areas.

Perhaps you think sex is something you can cut off.  Maybe you don’t know or don’t believe that sex is an integral part of your health.

So here is the deal. 

Ignoring and avoiding sex are not options if you want a healthy sexy body (and life).

Let me repeat, sex is really important and not just according to me. 

Dr. Christina Northrop tells us in her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, “we are sexual beings” (an amazing book btw). She goes on to say that, “sexual energy…is a life-force that permeates all of creation and is part of the joyfulness of life creations….For too long our culture has taught us to fear, denigrate, and suppress our own eroticism, when we should be allowing its natural expression to live fully and healthfully.”

A FRIGGIN’ LIFE FORCE. WOW. Think about that!

Perhaps you’ve thought of sex as pleasure and luxury and don’t allow yourself the time and space for it. Perhaps you’ve thought of sex as an “obligation” that you try to get over quickly or avoid altogether. But Dr. Northrop is talking sex as health…sex and health together. Hmmmm, imagine that.

Even Napoleon Hill, in one of my favorite books, Think and Grow Rich, a book about  POWER and SUCCESS, devotes an entire chapter to sexual energy. He says, “Sexual desire it the most powerful of human desires…its exercise is positive and healthy….and can develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and creative ability that is unknown at other times.”

That is some mind blowing powerful stuff !

You can’t hold back in this department if you want a healthy, sexy body and life to go with it. 

If you are disconnected, take step one. Start with your food and how you nourish your body and as you begin to feel better in your body and about your body,  you can step up your game in all other areas.  Check it out here. 

That’s why what’s on your fork is only the beginning. Because what you eat affects how your feel. How you feel affects how you engage in intimacy and sex. If you don’t feel good about yourself, if you hate your body, getting naked and having sex becomes the thing you give up.  

Saying sex is not important to your long term health is like saying eating greens veggies is not important to your long term health. Eventually your lack of veggies will cause health concerns in your body as the necessary nutritional needs are not being met.  So too your lack of sex will cause health concerns as the nourishment from sexual energy that supports your health is not met. 

Even Deepak Chopra, a highly respected guru in the spiritual world, has this to say about sex.  “Sex gives joy and joy has it’s own biology…sexual energy and spiritual energy are the creative energy of  the universe and show up as passion, creativity, art and music. It is the energy of the Divine expressed as the same energy both as sex and spirituality.” 


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