Age Appropriate Dressing

Do you buy into the idea of “Age Appropriate Dressing”?  Exactly what age is the right time to be “appropriate” and who exactly is making those rules?

Do you know your style? Does what you wear reflect your personality or do you wear what you think you should wear based on what others may think?

Back in the day, I wore what I was told, and fit right in with the family. My mom and my 3 sisters are wearing these white dresses that my mom sewed for us. I remember being so happy that I was the only one allowed to wear stockings with my white maryjanes (because I was age appropriate for the stockings). I’m the tall one over to the right with the stockings.

It took me many years to adapt a my personal style. I wore whatever. I tried lots and lots and never really felt like one belonged to me.  So I wore what I thought others would think was good for me.

I believe that I had no specific style because I had no clue who I even was.  I first had to discover the real me before I could own my style.

Once I got clear on the truth and began my journey of self love, I was able to embrace and own that unique part of me and show the world without fear of judgement. Some say I have a flare for fashion and some look at me like I’m a little nuts. AT 50, I’ve earned the right to own my unique nuttiness and the term “dress appropriate” has been replaced with “wear what makes me feel good”. 

I don’t dress for you. Although if you like my style and it inspires you, that is a plus in the awesome column. But it’s not why I dress how I dress.   I dress for me. What I wear makes me feel happy.  And since my happiness is contagious, I could very well be infecting you with some of that happiness.

YUP. I am at the gym with a dress on.  If I wore this to a Wedding, it would look smashing!  Case in point, you should own your style but it could help to know where you are going.

If I wore this to a black tie event, maybe not so much.  But if I am off to the grocery store, I may make someone smile, just because I feel pretty wrapped in a rose.

If I wore this on a first date, I may get a “proposal” of sorts.  But if I choose to wear this to enhance my rockin’ hot and sexy. Why not?


Ummmm… Oh yeah baby. Not many would step out on stage in so little. But this “experience” meant so much to me. I’ll carry this picture and memory everywhere because at 53 years old I can rock any stage I choose. If I chose to listen to what others thought possible for me, I would not have this picture or experience.

Would I show up in the gym like this?  That may not be so effective attire for squatting with a bar on my shoulders. However,  lace, tule, texture, and pretty stuff make you feel pretty lady like.The feminine part of you that you may forget when running around in sweats all day.  I wore this outfit to speak in a seminar for a group of Ladies, giving them inspiration to step into their feminine selves.

What if I wear this for my son’s wedding next year? You should see the back of this hot dress! BUT aahhh. It’s pretty but I want more!! I want more prettier, more me. I’ll know it when I feel it, and I’m feeling PURPLE  VINTAGE .

Special. Special. Special. Pointy stiletto leopard leather with a red leather rose on top.  Perhaps I am not doing much walking in these babies. I’ll choose the occasion that fits the shoe.

pix for soma 2

Age appropriate 50 year old shoes? Not in my closet.  For MySelf (in the red) and my 3 sisters joining me in this picture, we’re a rockin’ shoe family. Would I show up at a family  backyard barbecue sporting the red suede ?  Hmmm?


I adore vintage 1950 and I am a wanna-be pinup model, so I had this apron made for me.  If I show up in my kitchen like this every nite, it would lose it’s special touch. But a special someone or something could inspire me to get out the apron and rock the kitchen with some fun.

hairband 2

For my son’s wedding?  Maybe not so much but I’ll have some fun and take this head band out to dinner with a friend.  Just to reiterate and remind you, I own my style and I know where I am going. 


SO WHAT IS THE POINT of my sharing these pics with you?


I’ve noticed that the fashion police have never come to take me away.  So I can safely encourage and inspire you to use what you wear to express your inner gorgeousness. Ask yourself,  if you are want to show happy, does the black you wear daily really add to that feeling?

The point is to rock your STUFF!

BE GORGEOUS. No matter what your age or stage.

The way to your style is to get clear on who you are. Get comfy in your skin and any thing you decide to put on is going to look gorgeous on you.

I hope I have inspired you to think about  YourSelf. 

What makes you feel good?

What makes you feel pretty?

What’s your favorite color? How often do you wear it?

Does what you currently wear reflect your personality or do you wear what you think you should wear based on what others may think of you?

The ultimate question of all questions, Are you showing up in your life as the REAL you?


If you need help discovering who you really are, I’ve got a special shovel for your digging purposes. And all the support and love you need to help you dig deep, get down and dirty and then cleaned up to the real you. Let’s get to the glorious gorgeousness that’s hidden within you waiting to bling itself out. Check out what I discovered when I visited Fashion Week in NYC  Read here.

Even Gianni Vershachi, who was in the business of designing and selling his fashions, doesn’t want you to wear them if you don’t feel it. He said, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you. but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.”



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  1. This post made me smile on an otherwise somber day. You GO, girl! (And I don’t care if that saying is ‘so last year’ — it’s how I felt.) To me, that’s the key thought in your message… it’s how you FEEL, not how you ‘look.’ That said, you look fabulous!

  2. Couldn’t help but gasp at the family photo. My mother made most of my Easter dresses! Oh my. I have a style that I feel comfortable in and over the last several years I have begun adding sexier tops and play clothes. I feel a shift coming now..been perking as the 60th birthday arrived…Now I’m ready for more delicate feminine clothes! And, more purple too.