EASY Street, Where the heck is it?

Direct from the dictionary, the world “HARD” is defined as, requiring a great deal of endurance or effort, difficult to bear, causing suffering, harsh, unpleasant.


With that definition in mind and my experiences backing it up even further, when I define and label a situation as “HARD”, it does indeed feel unpleasant, harsh, difficult to bear. I get what I expect and focus on.

Is there any doubt as to why we’re all searching for Easy Street?


The Tao Te Ching explains that “it is because of definitions that we limit ourselves…Nothing is high or low; no journey is short or long . 


So I made a huge decision a few months ago, which started as an experiment, that I’m keeping as part of my practice.

I’ve released the word HARD from my vocabulary. 

YUP. I guess you can technically say that I have found Easy Street to plant my baggage on. And I like it over here on this street.

Where the heck is EASY Street?

What if finding “easy” was as easy as looking for a street on a map?

Even better, if maps aren’t your thing, as easy as the push of a button? (CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE BUTTON) 

I happen to believe  that you can think your way into EASY. It really is as simple as changing your thoughts about it.

Now hold on a minute before you click off this blog or put me into the “she’s nuts” category.

Can you agree with me that EASY is a state of being? So when you’re hanging out in the state of “easy”, life flows without pressure or struggle and it’s fun. There’s no stress attached to EASY and it feels good. You want that feeling, don’t you?

What area of your life feels HARD right now?

What if  you had the power to change that?  What if you and only you could hit the EASY button for yourself by simply changing the thoughts in your “hard” head?  What if you decided that “easy” was how you wanted your experience to feel?

Put your buttons and your maps away for a minute and get out of your head.  If your hard headed mindset leaves you moaning, complaining, and fearful, that’s a sign you’re in the wrong state. You can jump from HARD to EASY by changing the way you’re thinking about the situation. You can also think of this jump as coming out of your head and into your heart.Kinda like a little HARD TO HEART talk with yourself so your life can feel easier.

It may sound very simplistic and maybe even impossible. But I assure you that with practice, it will get easier and easier to fall into easiness.  I’m not saying that your situation might not feel “different” or “challenging” but it doesn’t have to be “unbearable or unpleasant”.

The next time a situation presents itself to you and you start to announce and set it up for all the hard feelings to come flying in, conduct an experiment. Can you readdress the situation and look at it a different way?  Step over on the other side of the room if you have to and physically experience a shift in your perception. Then open your heart and look at it from that viewpoint.

How do you feel now?


One more thing, it would be wrong of me not to offer you something to eat over on Easy Street. Here, I share a really easy recipe that you can concoct in about 3 minutes with 2 ingredients. This recipe offers evidence for the tearing down your old belief that “eating healthy is hard”.  Once you experience this interesting different feeling of  “health is easy”, you can put your map away knowing you’ve arrived.

Easy Coconut/ Cashew Candy without Consequences.   2 ingredients. 1 bowl. no baking. 

easy street


Ahh.. Now that was easy…. and yummmmmmy too.

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    1. Ha Carol Cassara. You are too funny. Yes a very easy reward ! Now doesn’t that feel awesome?And just wait till you feel this coconut candy concoction in your mouth! It doesn’t get much better than that!