Throw Your Louis Vuitton Over Your Picket Fence

You may think this title strange and wonder why the heck I would throw my Louis Vuitton purse over my picket fence.

For me it means that I am doing anything and everything to follow that baby over that fence. Once I make the decision to throw the Louis Vuitton over, I follow and don’t look back. ( Mind you, this is one gorgeous Louis bag.)  Which the whole point.  You do anything and everything (click here for motivation), no turning back, no giving up.  Failure is not an option (click here for inspiration). Forward is the only direction.

“You get all in”

” You burn your boats”

“You cross the rubicon”

You’ve heard some of these expressions and they all point in the same direction.

The only way to move forward is to MOVE FORWARD (click here to get a view of what determination could look like), in such a determined way that looking back is not an option.  I heard someone phrase it like this , “Throw your knapsack over the fence” . That made more sense in my head than burning boats, as I don’t have a boat or plan to be on one anytime soon.

I’ve decided that a better analogy for my brain was to use something that I can relate to. So I’m going with the idea of, “THROW MY LOUIS VUITTON OVER MY PICKET FENCE.”

Yup. You heard it here. “Throw your Louis Vuitton over the picket fence”.

Louis Vuitton

What could you use to make your decision to move towards what you want so firm that you never looked back?

Now about the fence. This added one more dimension to the equation. A picket fence, even though I may feel comfy cozy within it’s boundaries, may be restricting my growth and ability to see beyond for more possibility. So jumping over that fence is important to the growth.

This growth shit is work. I never promised it would be a rose garden. But it will be as sweet. 

Once a decision to move forward is made. DO IT. With blinders on. With ear plugs in. Don’t listen to anyone trying to talk you back over. With unfettered determination and persistence and resilience and tenacity and grace All these qualities that you have deep within you, come pouring out, when you DECIDE to tap in and jump over your (perceived) limitations.

Louis Vuitton

You focus only on where you are going. On what you want. Not on the past or looking back.

Whether you follow a Louis, a knapsack, or the wide open ocean when you jump ship, remember, all of it is in your power.

Keep moving forward. And your life will show up as one beautiful combination of amazing moments that wrap up into a magnificently awesome life.

You may want to check out the trailer to “Strength Beyond Muscle” (click here to view)  to get an glimpse of how using this idea of focused determination will produce results.Persistence. Strength. Grace. You name it.


Louis Vuitton

Whatever your dream. You can have it. Once you decide. Focus forward and jump, climb, move and believe.   What do you want?  And more importantly what is that “thing” that you will throw over, push thru, crawl under, let go of, or sink into ?


“Dare to live the life you have dreamed for yourself. Go forward and make your dreams come true.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. For the most part, I’m with you on this. But I always like to preserve my options and I am always evaluating and making sure I don’t need to re-set something. Even so,my trajectory has been forward my entire life. Thought provoking piece today, Rosie!