3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want: Announce It, Post It and Declare It!

There are 3 simple ways to get what you want.  (1) Announce it. (2) Post it . (3) Declare it.

I’ve made a practice of this idea by using multiple areas. The bathroom mirror,  the refrigerator door, my desk, my calendar,  my computer,  my walls, my dashboard.  Yes and even my dog.

Poor Abigail was just waltzing by minding her own business as they unstuck from the wall and stuck onto her black furry coat.  You can see she’s a bit confused as to what to do about it.

Oh boy, do I wish I was the inventor of the post-it note!  I am highly invested in the company. These things are like magic. (If you don’t own stock in Staples, feel free to use plane old paper and tape. That works to.)

It’s not that my memory is bad. It’s that I need constant reminders to hold me in my power. Little declarations to the Universe asking for what I want. Announcing those things that are mine for the asking.

It doesn’t take long when you walk into my home space before you’re clear on what I want. My guests, I will admit, never quite know which thing to read first. Sometimes they pretend not to notice at all and sometimes they stop dead on and read, read, read.

Either is fine by me. If it’s on my wall, you’re welcome to read it.

Get What You Want: I’ve announced it.

3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

Get What You Want: I’ve posted it.

3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

(did you know that post-it notes come in all sizes and shapes?)

Get What You Want: I’ve declared it.

3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

I don’t always intentionally read all of them every time I walk by. But subconsciously they are doing the work, digging deep inside me. Replacing any old ideas that might still be hanging around.

I hear you though. Is this sounding a little “out there/woo-woo” to you?  Is your next question,  “Rosie, does this stuff really work?”

My reply is going to be a big bold “ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY”.  You hear me. YES. It works.  In this extreme case of using my body as a bulletin board, I’d been especially forgetful about this important fact. I much prefer a journal when it comes to things like this. But, hey, whatever it takes to remind you to FOCUS on what is true and on what you want.

3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

This works for me because I believe it works. It will work for you if you believe it. Think about the idea that what you focus on and give your attention to will show up in your life.  You can’t help but give attention to a handwritten note or two staring you in the face.

For a long time I felt like “yeah right“. I want “this and that” and I get the “other this and the other that, that I don’t want”. Of course I do. That’s exactly the point. If I focus on what I don’t want, I will get exactly that.  WHEW!  You following me here?

BE CLEAR. ANNOUNCE. POST. DECLARE.  Make sure it’s what you want before you do it.

You can change. Before I made my shift, I was focusing on what was wrong with me, wrong with my body, wrong with my life. I focused on that stuff. I kid you not when I tell you that my old mantra used to be (I didn’t realized I was using a mantra at the time but it was a repeated thought and verbiage that I spewed around often)  “life is short and then you die”.   W H A T?  Was that girl behind that kind of belief/thought/speak really me?

Actually, in truth,  it wasn’t the real me. It was the scared, fearful, resentful, hurt, injured me. I was so out of LOVE, I had no clue who I was. Thinking in those old terms and focusing on the fear side of things kept me right there, at the exact place I was focused on.

Now that I know better, I do better.

It took the time it took. It took the lessons that needed to be learned to be learned. Now I am here. At this point, where I know my power resides within me and I simply choose to announce, post and declare the awesomeness that I am and that which I want to bring into my life. It was divinely planned so that I could grow into who I am today. And continue to grow everyday.
Yes there is a refrigerator under all this.

3 Simple Ways To Get What You Want

I keep this practice of announcing, posting and declaring because it works for me. My invitation to you is to become aware of what you are thinking about most of the time. Then incorporate a practice to keep you remembering who you really are.

What are you focusing on ? What are you declaring to the Universe by your thoughts, words, deeds and post-it notes?



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  1. First of all, she is gorgeous. LOVE LOVE LOVE Abigail. Secondly, “be love in all you do” has to be my favorite. Oh, and how lovely that YOU have become a favorite morning stop off, too! Right here. Thank you.

    1. Abigail is actually the biggest walking living breathing reminder that I have of love, whether she’s wearing my post it notes or not!