11 Profound Ways to Become Your Own Best Friend

Best friends are rare and special. When you have that connection to a bestie, you know it’s unique. You enjoy being with that person. You want to celebrate, create, connect and have fun with that person. That person is loving and kind to you and you adore her back. The big huge question, DO YOU ADORE YOU?   Are you a good friend to yourself? Do you treat yourself nice, in word and deed? AHA!  I thought not! What if …you could create a loving connection with yourself? FOR YOURSELF?  It’s possible to begin the process using a few simple ideas that I share in these 11 profound ways for you to become your own best friend. Hold on !  I’m not saying to dump your best friend and replace her. I am saying that you have enough room in your huge huge heart to love yourself as much as you do your very best friend. As a matter of fact, your best friend is a great way to understanding how this concept of this self love feels and how it works. If you are familiar with that kind of deep friendship, you can relate to how it feels. Hey, and if you’re not, use your imagination to envision how yummy delicious it is to have the unconditional love of someone who thinks you rock. That person who you are comfortable being yourself with. That person who thinks that all of you, even the parts you aren’t always so proud of, are awesomely awesome. And being your own best friend, saves you a lot of anguish in the long run. Putting yourself first allows you to give your best to the world.  The key part to living your best life is knowing who you and loving yourself fully. When you stop needing others to validate your awesomeness… that’s freedom !   GO ahead. You know you’ve got room in your heart for more LOVE.

  1. Save 10 silent moments to connect to the divine within you..because that’s where your guidance lives
  2. Stand in the mirror and acknowledge your gorgeousness at least once a day because you deserve to hear it
  3. Bake a batch of adult cookies...because you are that special (get recipe here) 
  4. Set the table with your best dishes… because you are the perfect company
  5. Honor your divine imagination because it deserves to be respected and not antagonized
  6. Do not allow any derogatory comments to be said about youby you, ever!
  7. Respect that your dreams are worth having...because they are yours to create
  8. Keep your heart filled with love and wide open to experiences... because it’s not breakable and it’s always worth it
  9. Take really good care of your body with food and exercise...because it’s your right and obligation and you live in it
  10. Bring yourself flowersbecause you like receiving pretty gifts
  11. Buy yourself the most amazing lush tube of lipstickbecause your mouth is the gateway to your heart

friend Bestest Bestie!  AHA!   Me and my best friend. If you are still finding this concept of SELF LOVE a bit uncomfortable, let’s talk. I’ve been working on this for 53 years and I’ve got some goodies in a bag that you can use to help you get crystal clear of just how awesome and amazing you really are. Contact me here and we’ll discuss your awesomeness (or acceptance of it).

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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