Weight Loss: The 2 Most Important Things No One Tells You

There are 2 important things that no one tells you about your weight loss.

You’ll hear what you shouldn’t eat. What you should eat. How much you should work out. What supplements will give you fast easy results. What shakes to take to make you look like you are a figure competitor. You’ll hear it all about weight loss. What  you won’t hear is what it really takes to be your perfect body weight and more importantly to appreciate it!

Maybe right now you’re feeling stuck at your current weight and you’re wanting something to be different with your weight loss. You may have tried many things and are now just totally frustrated and confused. I hear you. There’s a really good reason why you are stuck where you are.

Lot’s of women get stuck on this NUMBER.  This magic number that they believe will change everything.

Do you have your magic number? This plan of how much should you weigh? This idea of what would happen when you weighed that much (or that little)?

I’ve got bad news first before I give you the good news. THERE IS NO MAGIC NUMBER AND THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL. There is, however, this very amazing place to be. I call it your “Sustainable Comfortable Sweet Spot“. 

This is where your body shows up in the way it was naturally meant to be as a result of the excellence in nutrition, extreme self love and extraordinary care you give. The results are you feeling gorgeous and amazing. Doesn’t that sound rockin’ awesome?  

There is no magic number that will change everything for weight loss, however that number will change when you change everything”

weight loss

So here’s deal and the big reveal of the 2 things that no one tells you about your weight. Even women who have made the decision not to step on the scale and don’t care about a particular number may still may feel uncomfortable in their body. That’s because your HEAD and your HEART are not on the same path.

In order to be in a state of gorgeousness (because you feel it) and feel amazing (because you believe you are), head and heart need to meet. This is a game, and one you can win, with small steps and simple adjustments. When you play this way, your “PERFECT BEST SELF” takes the reigns allowing you to let go of your struggle. 

You may want to ponder on these questions of weight loss. Sit with them and see what they bring up for you.

  • What is your magic number and why do you believe this is your number? 
  • How long ago where you at “that” number?
  • What does being that number mean to you?
  • How would your life be different if you body weighed in at a different number?
  • How would it feel if you felt comfortable living in your body? What would it feel like to  let go of the struggle around what you should be? What in your life would be change if you showed up as your healthiest, sexiest, most gorgeous self  (and you really believed it)? 

One of the life altering things participants address in the Sleeping Naked After 40 Academy is what we call “LoveWorks” around this idea of a Sustainable Comfortable Sweet Spot. If you are interested in this sustainable comfortable sweet spot idea, email me here and let’s talk about you and what you need to feel better in and about your body and about weight loss.

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  1. Health is so much more important than weight and size, and I agree that being comfortable in your own body is key. When a woman is confident and happy, it shows and she radiates beauty.