Waking Up To Pancakes

Watch this fun video on making pancakes in 1959.

I love waking up to pancakes.

This blog is about helping you WAKE UP to what you are eating.  Because what you see is not always what you get.

As a pancake addict, it is my breakfast of choice almost every morning and my favorite meal of the day. But my pancakes are naked and don’t come from a boxed mix. I make them from scratch.   


If I’ve just freaked you out by the thought of having to do undoable, unbelievable, unattainable things in the kitchen like Martha, I assure you that’s not the case. Under 5 minutes and under 5 ingredients is all it takes.

Somewhere along the way, we got this notion that anything made from scratch is too time consuming, too difficult, too much effort. Every part of our lives has quickened up and rush mode is the norm.

Even worse than this idea that eating well is too much for you to handle, is that you believe the lies that manufacturers use to lure you into products that don’t serve your body well.


Back in the day, every once in a while, something came out of a box. Now, almost everything in a grocery store is boxed, processed, refined.  And back in the day, the ingredients used in the same brands and products we loved as kids, was of a much different quality.

So how did we get from the way it used to be to what’s in the box today?

Aunt Jemima debuted in 1889 and was the first boxed pancake mix to hit America. In 1928, the ingredients were wheat flour, corn flour, rice flour, corn sugar, baking powder, milk and salt.

Waking Up To Pancakes

Watch this 1960’s pancake commercial here to see the ingredients and engage in a little nostalgic fun. 

Waking Up To Pancakes

Somehow this 4 flour tender blend, that began as something special to have in your kitchen morphed into a  chemical concoction of unbelievable proportions. Because we’ve found ways to make more for less by using fake stuff doesn’t mean that you have to accept that.

Waking Up To Pancakes

Check out the side of this box where there is barely an edible substance fit for human consumption. What the *@&@^#? It’s no wonder after eating pancakes you feel like a bomb went off in your belly. For your further information “enriched bleached flour” is not even close to the old Aunt Jemima 4 flour recipes. Enriched bleach flour is a problem for many reasons. First off, white flour is stripped of nutrients during refinement, so you’re getting zero nutrients. Then, it’s enriched back with “vitamins”. Only the vitamins and minerals they use are synthetic and toxic to your body. ((Sigh)). There’s more. Then comes the bleaching part, bleck!!!  Consumers wants the flour to look white, so the manufacturer makes it white.  Have I got your attention yet?  Shall we discuss what goes on top of this concoction?

Waking Up To Pancakes

Because of course if you are having pancakes, you’ll need syrup. If you were to purchase Aunt Jemima syrup today, you’d be eating CORN SYRUP, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, WATER, CELLULOSE GUM, CARAMEL COLOR, SALT, SODIUM BENZOATE AND SORBIC ACID (PRESERVATIVES), ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL FLAVORS, SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE.

Please don’t be fooled by the world “ORIGINAL” on the bottle. There is no maple syrup in this bottle of syrup. It consists of a clever concoction of chemicals that collaborate to mimic the same flavor and texture of real syrup.

Waking Up To Pancakes

Eating concocted chemicals does NO BODY any good.

And heaven forbid that you don’t want plain pancakes, you can be sure to add some artificial candy bits in with the mix. Are you feeding this crap to your kids? To your precious Self? If you are buying this and consuming this product, you could call upon your SELF LOVE and have a conversation with yourself. Does my precious healthy sexy body want this fake stuff? Do I love myself enough to choose better and take the time to learn a different way?

Waking Up To Pancakes

We’re a fickle bunch.  We need all kinds of mixes  from Original, Complete, Buttermilk, Funfetti, Whole Wheat.  If you buy it, they make it. You are in control here.  When you pay for something at the register, you are voting for more fake food to show up on the shelves.

Just because it’s on grocery store shelf does not mean it’s fit for human consumption.

This is not something you want to wake up to on your plate. 

Waking Up To Pancakes

LET’S GET NAKED. And add a dose of SELF LOVE to your breakfast.

Waking Up To Pancakes

“If you eat processed refined crap, it will show up on your body (in the form of over-weight, and dis-ease. If you eat pure and naked, the body of your dreams will show up”

What is a lover of pancakes supposed to do?   I am excited to share that you do no have to give them up. YOU GET NAKED WITH PANCAKES and then you can have them every day in many ways for lots of meals. Here are 3 ways to make pancakes in 5 minutes with less than 5 ingredients, no flour, no processing, no refining, no crap. So that you can feel good about what you feed yourself and your family.


Waking Up To Pancakes

BANANA PANCAKES – made with bananas and eggs. grain and flour free  GET RECIPE HERE (OPTION 2 AT BOTTOM OF LINK) 

Waking Up To Pancakes

SPINACH CHIA PANCAKES – made with chia, spinach, sweet potato – grain, egg and flour free

RECIPE: Mix 2 tbsp chia, 2 tbsp water, 1/2 cup already baked sweet potato, 1 large handful spinach leaves. Whirl in vitamix until you mixed and pour into cakes on hot skillet.  Be gentle with these as they break apart easily.  Once poured place sliced bananas onto cake before turning.

Waking Up To Pancakes

Go ahead and tell me you’re not yummed out right now! Your body will love you for caring for it in such delightful ways.

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