What is It Wednesday 2: Impostor Cake.

What Is It Wednesday is the day we reveal a product and its ingredient list and you guess what this “food product” is. Then I’ll share with you an option for making a healthy version of this product.


Guess what “food product” has these 45 ingredients ?  WOW …. seriously?  !!???!!

  1. sugar
  2. eggs
  3. water
  4. enriched wheat flour
  5. inulin
  6. plydextrose
  7. invert sugar
  8. interesterified soy bean oil
  9. dried carrots
  10. soybean oil
  11. cream cheese
  12. agar-agar
  13. artificial flavors
  14. calcium carbonate
  15. calcium sulfate
  16. canola oil
  17. citric acid
  18. cornstarch
  19. dextrose
  20. egg yolks
  21. food starch modified
  22. glycerin
  23. high fructose corn syrup
  24. hydrogenated cottonseed and soybean oil
  25. leavening
  26. malodexterin
  27. mono and diclycerides
  28. non fat milk
  29. pea fiber
  30. polysorbate 60
  31. potassium sorbate
  32. propylparaben
  33. sorbic acid
  34. propylene glycol
  35. mono and diesters of fatty acids
  36. salt
  37. sodium stearoyl
  38. lactylate
  39. sorbitan monostearate
  40. soy lecithin
  41. spice
  42. sunflower oil
  43. titanium dioxide
  44. wheat starch
  45. xanthan gum

What is It Wednesday

You may actually decide this is good to eat based on the promise on the front of the box stating: 90 calories, 4 g fiber and REAL CARROTS. hmmmm?

You may also want to justify your intake of this product because you are watching your weight. I would invite you to watch your HEALTH instead. When you watch your health, your perfect weight follows. If you are watching your health, you will not be eating a product that has 35 of it’s 45 ingredients as indistinguishable, indescribable and unpronounceable.

If you are having a difficult time wrapping your head around the idea that this is considered an edible substance, image how your body feels when you try and feed it with this chemical concoction.

What is It Wednesday

WHAT YOU COULD EAT INSTEAD that gives you the same flavors without the risk of a “chemical coma”? 

1. CUT UP AND DIP. Cut up carrots dipped in decadent dip . Make this simple naked dip by blending 1 cup raw cashews, 1 red apple, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar,  1 tsp cinnamon, juice squeezed from one orange. Pour the dip in a beautiful jar and you’re good to grab and go.

What is It Wednesday

2. MAKE YOUR OWN CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. I love Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life’s  concoction of this gorgeous- beyond ridiculously amazing carrot cake. It is very simple to make and a beautiful recipe using naked food in it’s most natural form,  I have tried this recipe and I have one warning for you! If you love carrot cake, this is a tad irresistible. Decadent and rich, I’d eat this one for dinner and call it a meal.

Click here for the recipe for this amazing cake. 

What is It Wednesday What is It Wednesday


REMEMBER! Just because it’s in a box, on a shelf, in a grocery store, does NOT make it fit to eat.

– Rosie Battista

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  1. That is why people who do weight watchers gain all their weight back they don’t learn how to eat properly just “boxed” food and points crazy!!!