13 Reasons Why Age Cannot Define You

You’ve probably heard some of these and may be conditioned to thinking  thoughts like these 3 AGE STOMPERS. But you may be more interested in the 13 reasons why age cannot define you that I have listed below.

  1. “AT THIS AGE , I expect to have some pain, to be overweight, to be on medication for “something”, to be less active, to be less focused, to be more forgetful, to have less sex”.
  2. Or “AT THIS AGE, I expect that it’s too late for me to start something new, too late to begin that business I always wanted to do, too late to find a caring loving partner”.
  3. Or “AT THIS AGE, I’ve given up on having great sex, on having sex at all, on having a healthy body, on liking my body, on feeling sexy.  

I don’t believe that age defines who you are or limits what you can do. In our society, we’ve set up age limitations as if there is a rule book on what you can no longer do after that “certain” point. People walk around living as if this lie is true.

I especially love this one, that I personally have experienced.

DOCTOR to me: What medications are you taking?

ME to Doctor: None.

DOCTOR to me. None? Nothing at all?

ME to Doctor: None.

DOCTOR to me. Wow,  that is quite unusual. At your age, everyone’s on something.

ME: ((eye roll)) ((sigh))

That expectation that because I am 54 years old I should be on some kind of medication is part of a bigger problem than this blog can address. I’ll save that for the next time.  I’ll admit there are times when the collective consciousness and the learned behaviors of our society around age sweeps me back in.  Just the other day I was looking at my 73 year old dad, who works full time, takes public transportation to work, is doing construction of the addition to his house by himself, blasts loud music from speakers bigger than he is, keeps up on all the popular movies, has a love affair with his camera,  performs a weight training routine daily, watches what he eats to keep his figure, has 3 girlfriends, and I had a thought.

“Maybe Dad should slow down. He is 73 after all”. UGH. Then I caught myself and remembered what was true. He’s living his live right now and nothing is going to stop him. Why should it. He lives like it time doesn’t matter. And he’s right. GO DAD, GO, GO, GO!!

13 Reasons Why Age Cannot Define You

And he’s not afraid to wear purple.





The truth is that “Miracles happen everyday and anything is possible. That is the truth. No matter what your age or stage.” 

When people ask me how old I am, I really have to think about it. Because I really do forget. Most of my time is spent striving, reaching, releasing, relaxing, learning, growing, experimenting, experiencing, living, all without limits. None of these feelings are age definable.

When I do reveal my actual age in answer to the question, no one believes me anyway, including myself, (I’ve got to do the math on my fingers) so what’s the point of the question and wasting my time answering it.

I don’t think about it.  I don’t  let it stop me.

People often say to me, “You know how it is at this age”. This absolutely drives me nuts and I have absolutely no patience for a question of this sort. I not so politely send back, “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT”.

As a matter of fact, I’m just not that interested. I am not interested in setting up limitations on what I can or cannot do at a “certain” age. Whether you argue that it’s age appropriate or age restrictive, you’ll get severe pushback from me.  So let me share with you the 13 reasons why age cannot define you in the hope that one, some or all of these reasons will inspire you to think differently about your birth date. Here is what I choose to focus on and keep my interest in:

  1.  Amazing discoveries that come with years of experience, practice and lessons learned because I am  wiser for them.
  2. Feeling rockin’ awesome  at every age and stage because I choose to. 
  3. Being the best I can be everyday because I intend it.
  4. Knowing that my beauty comes from the inside because I’ve uncovered and discovered it.
  5. Owning my thinner eye-lashes and thicker-waste with pride because they are part of me.
  6. Pumping it at the gym because I love it.
  7. Taking a daily nap because I like to.
  8. Doing what I love every day because I want to.
  9. Acting sexy because I am.
  10. Feeling confident because I believe it.
  11. Experiencing sacred connected  empowering sex because it keeps me open, vulnerable , present and alive. 
  12. Walking into every room like it’s my party because I can. 
  13. Dressing sexy because I feel it. 

**Feel free to borrow this list and repeat it often. It’s my gift to you.  And the declarations at the end of the sentence will do wonders in helping you shift your focus to I am wise, I choose to, I intend it, I uncover and discover, I love, I like, I want, I am, I believe it, I’m open, vulnerable, present, alive, I can, I feel it.  You feel that? 

And if this isn’t enough, here is further proof of those who don’t give a crap when you serve the birthday cake.  And a reminder to celebrate the unlimited spirit and possibility that awaits you right now at any and every age and stage.

(Click on the word to read about them).

BODY BUILDING  Ernestine is 77! And her body rocks.

ART WORK  Anna Mary did not pick up a brush until she was well into her eighth decade and became a famous artist.

COOKING   Julia was 51 when she turned up the flame on her famous cooking show.

And these Luscious Ladies who created Advanced Living are rocking fashion and live to the fullest.

13 Reasons Why Age Cannot Define You

CLICK HERE TO SEE GET A GLIMPSE OF THESE GORGEOUS GODDESSES. Rockin’ woo hoo’s to these Goddess that inspire me with their fashion sense of self style, their passion for luscious living and their ownership of their awesomeness.

So now you can think for yourself and use these questions to lite some sparks to get you fired up.




Remember, it’s never to late to do what you’ve always wanted to do. Get on it and own your awesomeness,

13 Reasons Why Age Cannot Define You


Oh and here’s a little more of what 53 can be and what I think about ages and stages.

13 Reasons Why Age Cannot Define You

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