Food Fun Friday: Shaving and Saving

Hello Gorgeous,

Today is Food Fun Friday, where we reveal little food tips or fun ideas that makes a huge difference to your body and your life.

Today I bring you the Banana, in all it’s naked glory, with good facts to know and fun ways to use it, and how you can shave carbs and save money too.

Food Fun Friday: Shaving and Saving

The BANANA is an amazing fruit that comes in its own little package for easy carrying and transport.   Check out fun facts here.

Some people are afraid of bananas as have a higher carb content than other fruits. My prior Weight Watching obsessive days taught me that 1/2 banana was a serving.  I never dared to eat a whole banana at one time. Having grown past this idea of deprivation and growing firmly committed to trusting my body and what feels good, I don’t necessarily need to eat a whole banana at one sitting.

In this video below,  I share with you a cool tip for saving and shaving the banana, so you get more with less, but with complete satisfaction and absolutely no guilt.

And FYI, on the subject of “guilt”, get over it!  I mean that in the nicest way. Get over your guilt of anything. If there’s one thing I wish for you to take away from Sleeping Naked After 40, is the invitation to let go of the rules you put on yourSELF. Those rules that come back around to make you feel badly about yourSELF because they were ridiculously unattainable and unnecessary in the first place.  And best yet, totally fabricated and created by you. So STOP IT… and I mean that in the most loving way.

WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR CARB SHAVINGS AND SAVINGS.   (oops you caught me licking the bowl)

Food Fun Friday: Shaving and Saving


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Every fun moment you add to your life, adds to your life!  

So go ahead, grab a banana and have some fun.


Food Fun Friday: Shaving and Saving

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