What is Normal?

What is normal?

I have a friend who is always asking me “Is this normal?” Which drives me absolutely nuts. Because I am not a “normal” friend, I am not interested in engaging or expanding this discussion which would always turn into what “someone” was doing “wrong” to her because they were not acting “normal”.

So I ask again, What is normal?

I have my daughter who says “Mama, “normal is a setting on a washing machine”. And my 3 kids, who defy every aspect of what would be considered “normal”, from the way they look, to what they do, to what they decide for their lives. They inspire me to step out of normal and stay in REAL To stay in what is “real” for me.

What is Normal?


What do you think of  “normal”? Are you trying really hard to be “normal”?  To fit in? To be liked?

If you don’t feel “normal”, what exactly are your parameters for measuring your normalcy?

Come on and admit it, how many times have you asked, “Is THIS normal?” or judged, “That’s NOT normal!” or requested, “Why can’t YOU just be normal?”

I decided to look up the definition of the word normal and it’s not a pretty. It is, just average, typical, middle of the road, run of the mill, wonted.

I say that equates to BORING!

Further into my search I came across this definition of a NORMAL COUPLE:

2 a normal couple: ordinary, average, typical, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road, common, conventional, mainstream, unremarkable, unexceptional, garden-variety, a dime a dozen.

This definition of a normal does not interest me in the least. WHY would aspire to be in one of these categories and live in that place for my one precious life?

It all comes down to what’s in a word. What meaning you give it. What kind of an expectation  you attach to it. What is your perception of the meaning you give it. I’ve made a new rule for me.

I am not interested in labels that define me, or boxes that confine me.

I set my own NORMAL button. My own rules for how I live. My own rules for how I love.

So here is the Sleeping Naked After 40 definition of normal.

“Normal is what feels good to your heart. If it feels right it is normal for you” 

I invite you to ask yourself, what is normal for you and WHY do you chose it?

Sit with this question. You may discover amazing things about how amazing you really are, without measuring yourself up against “normal” and by sitting still long enough to hear your answer.

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Love, Love, Love,

What is Normal?

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