Food Is Life

Some people live to eat. Some eat to live.

I find myself somewhere in the middle. If I am deep into an activity that I love, I forget to eat. And the rest of the time I love to eat.

Food is life. It’s constant, consistent, seasonal, driven by emotion, sweet, hot, spicy, tangy, soft and hard and on and on. Just like life.

Food is a great place to practice your game of life.  Since you most likely eat close to 3 times during the day (or more – with a little extra picking, snacking and snitching), the opportunity to practice your life skills is in your fork.

How yum-azing is that?

Your plate allows you to practice these states of being.  Given the “too many heavily loaded plates  that you throw up in the air” of your  crazy, busy life, there is lots of juicy, delicious stuff available for your tasting.

What if you started to use your meal time as a time of growth (not the weight gaining kind of growth)?

What if you started to approach your food in a different way?

Focusing on this idea of improving your state of being and how you feel will improve your relationship with your food, with your body and with your life.

Here are  12 feelings that may surface while you are eating. I’ve included an offer of how you can look at these terms in a different way in order to produce a different life experience.

  1. Mindfulness – When you eat, sit down and eat. Be present to your food and and the experience you are having with it.
  2. Gratitude – Bless the food you are putting into your healthy sexy body.
  3. Grace – Start off your meal with a little grace, sit down, slow down, shut up for just one second.  Listen up before diving in. Notice what is in front of you. Notice where your head is.  Notice what your heart is saying.
  4. Patience – If you are working on changing your weight, give it all the time it needs and just keep doing the right actions.
  5. Decision – You are the only one making the decisions as to what goes on the end of your fork.
  6. Discernment– sometimes a not so healthy choice is the best choice you can make at the time. Make it, know it was the best you could do and move on.
  7. Judgement – Stop it. There are no wrong choices. Every choice has a consequence and therein lies your next step.
  8. Right Thinking  – Get our of your head and jump into your heart when it comes to how you treat yourself.
  9. Self Love – Ask yourself before you eat, Is what I am eating for my best self?
  10. Guilt – Don’t go there.  Consider whatever you did or did’t do, “yum and done”.
  11. Compassion – Be nice to yourself and respectful of your growth and learning process.
  12. LoveYou can fill this one in on your own.

SO eat up and taste the deliciousness that is your life.

Food Is Life

Imagine getting all these delicious goodies and yummy benefits at every meal. A whole plate full of delicious sweetness of these lessons with no bad side effects.

The opportunity awaits your next meal. What will you choose to learn from what you put on your plate?

Food Is Life

Food Is Life



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  1. All good stuff. I thought of you yesterday. My girlfriend’s oncologist told her to gain some weight in prep for her next 5 rounds of chemo (FIVE, yes), drink some Ensure daily to help, eat high calorie foods. “But Ensure has so much sugar!” she protested. He looked at her like she was nuts and said: “your cancer will kill you unless you gain some weight”. It’s all perspective, isn’t it?