Episode #11: Fall in Love and Wow Your Experience

In this Episode of Rosie TV, Rosie reveals how falling in love can change your experience for the better. Because love is all that there is.


2 thoughts on “Episode #11: Fall in Love and Wow Your Experience

  1. Rosie, so true! Recently, I had the same experience. Our band was scheduled to play a larger concert than we ever have, and I felt that in order to really make it happen in the best of ways, I needed to rise to the occasion in a new way. I didn’t have a name for it, but I did “fall in love” with the idea of it, and all the little bits and pieces that went into making that concert happen, all the time and energy, and mental preparation and energy infusion, just started to happen, with such joy! When I look back on the various accomplishments in my career(s), I can see now that it was because I totally fell in love with the idea and made them happen. Thank you for putting it into words.

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