What Is It Wednesday 7 : There’s no need

What is it Wednesday is the day we reveal a product and its ingredient list and you guess what this “food product” is.

Then I’ll share with you an option for making a healthy version of this product.

What “food product” offers these 4 ingredients? 

  • apples
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • corn syrup
  • ascorbic acid

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There is no need at all to add more sweet to a fruit that is already sweet.

Did you know that your taste buds can be highjacked? They can be trained to prefer a certain taste and they can always be retrained. It may take a couple of times and it may not feel (or taste) great at first. But at some point, you will adjust and you’ll wonder how you ever tolerated anything other than your new experience.


What’s up with ascorbic acid and why is it added to applesauce?

This is interesting info you may want to know,  just in case you were under the false impression that ascorbic acid was vitamin c.

Nope, it is not.

Ascorbic acid and naturally occurring Vitamin C from fruit is not the same.  The FDA permits ascorbic acid to be synonymous with vitamin C. That’s why you’ll see that juices and products that claim they are fortified with VITAMIN C are really using ascorbic acid, because the FDA has said they are the same. But nope, they are not.

The vitamin C contained naturally in fruits and vegetables is way different. Ascorbic acid is the chemical version of what is offered in the real naked fruit. When you see ascorbic acid or “vitamin this and that” on a label, put the box down and move on.  Because it means that all the nutrients have been stripped out during the processing and refining and synthetically added back in. Remember where your source is. It comes from the most naked food that needs no label or description.

Isn’t your body worth the real deal? 


For $2.49, I purchased this jar of applesauce, selected from dozens of options and flavors.  (FYI: I will not be eating this jar of applesauce as I purchased it for the sake of this blog only) I find it interesting to look at the marketing tactics used. You can spend 15 minutes searching for the most naked version of applesauce. I’m not gonna lie, they do exist. You can find brands with apples only, but usually ascorbic acid is always added.  And these manufactured kinds are never gonna taste as good as homemade.




 What can you do instead?

This is a no brainer.  And it takes virtually no time at all for a superior product to be crafted in your kitchen.

Make your own applesauce, using apples and cinnamon and a bit of water.  That’s all you need besides a pot.


This huge bag of apples that cost 2.99 made 2 jars of applesauce. I ate one before this picture was taken so please use your imagination and pretend that you see 2 of them. So it is actually cheaper to make your own if that was one of your concerns.


The Naked one is so much prettier and much more delicious too. It tastes like apples.

Here’s your homemade recipe:

  • 1 huge bag of apples (about 16 large ones) chopped into bite size pieces
  • 1 cup water
  • cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spices) to taste

Boil till the apples are soft. Remove from flame and cover till apples are soft and mushy.
For an even easier way (and good if you are like me and forget you left the stove on) throw it all in your crock pot and go about your day) Your house will begin to smell yummy in a matter of minutes!


Here’s the back of the jars, so you can see what I am talking about. WHY ? WHY? WHY? do we need high fructose corn syrup and corn syrup to sweeten up this divine fruit.

And then of course you can get really fancy with your apples and make some pies, dressings, shakes and more. Check out more apple recipes here. 


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 REMEMBER! Just because it’s in a box, on a shelf, in a grocery store, does NOT make it fit to eat.– Rosie Battista 


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