What Is It Wednesday 9: Holiday Horrible

“What is it Wednesday” is the day we reveal a product and its ingredient list.

Can you guess what what you are really eating?  What “food product” offers these 15 ingredients?

  1. sugar
  2. corn syrup
  3. modified whey
  4. cocoa
  5. hydrogenated coconut oil
  6. marshmallows (sugar, corn syrup, modified corn starch, gelatin, s sodium hexametaphoshate, red 40, yellow 6)
  7. nonfat milk
  8. calcium carbonate
  9. salt
  10. dipotassium phosphate
  11. mono and diglycerides
  12. carrageenana
  13. acessufame K,
  14. sucralose,
  15. natural and artificial flavors

photo (6)


The front of the box looks mighty inviting, but what’s in the box is pretty horrible. You may consider being more respectful of your very precious body and decide if what is in this box is worth putting inside your body.


photo (5)

What can you do instead?  Let’s get REALLY NAKED.

There is always a healthier option of everything you like. An option that will be more satisfying to your body and to make your tastebuds happy too.

  You can be healthy and love your food too.

Make your own peppermint hot chocolate drink.  Get your recipe here.  Using almond milk,  peppermint tea, date, raw cacao. If a candy cane makes you feel like a kid again, go ahead and add one as a stirrer.  Create a ritual for your tea service. How about:

  • your best china cup.
  • your Grandmother’s tea pot.
  • a cloth napkin.
  • soft music.
  • a bright candle.
  • a warm fire.
  • a naked cookie 



My favorite almond milk is from Califia Farms





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   REMEMBER! Just because it’s in a box, on a shelf, in a grocery store, does NOT make it fit to eat – Rosie Battista

If you like this weekly series of  WHAT’S IN IT WEDNESDAY, please comment about your discovery below. If you missed previous the weeks reveal, check out the links below and continue to enhance your knowledge about what you are putting into your precious body.

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If you’d like more kitchen skills and cooking confidence, join me, over at iCookNaked.com.  It’s loaded with FREE yummy how to cook naked video. Go ahead and step into my kitchen so you can create health in yours. Get your Free NAKED GROCERY LIST of foods to have on hand so you can cook naked in your kitchen. Put in your name and email and print it out HERE: 


Have fun being the detective and protector of your own body. It’s powerful and fun!



Love, Love, Love and then some more Love,



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