The Secret To Keeping Off Winter Weight

What’s up for you this winter?

Just last nite I had a conversation with a client. I asked her “what’s up”? She responded “my weight”.

As the Christmas cookies are passing through your lips and onto your hips,  how to keep the extra winter weight off may be passing through your thoughts. 

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Short days. Dark nights.

Cookie after cookie. Party after party. Toast after toast. One more bite after one more bite.

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Add the shorter darker days into the mix of holiday treats and Houston, we’ve got a problem.  I don’t know about you but I’m usually ready to crawl into bed at 7pm with a good book and a cup of tea. Sometimes, on the darkest coldest nites, a little extra food in for form of treats seem fitting. Until… um…. until the pants are no longer fitting. YIKES.

You feel that?

The truth is that we easily could and often do pack in on for the winter. We could. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  

I’ve got a few ideas to share. By implementing these strategies, not only will you not get fat and add extra weight,  you’ll have a joy-filled holiday season. 

Thankfully, I am not going to tell you to eat less carbs, skip fun parties, move into the gym, or ignore those cookies that your mama made using your great grandmothers secret recipe.  You’ve already heard that. How’d that work for ya?  

IT DOESN’T WORK.  And why would you not want to indulge in the festivities? Of course you do!  And you should. HOWEVER…. ha.. You knew there was going to be a “however” in there somewhere.  You can indulge with MINDFUL PRESENCE, and then everything changes for the better.

By implementing a  little mindfulness you’ll be a lot more satisfied and joy-filled!

I am going to invite you to a different way of thinking.The best kept secret to weight loss is to fill your life with joy (which magically replaces filling your plate with food). When you are in a joy filled state, your focus switches to feeling things rather than stuffing them down with food.The state of joy is an automatic calorie counter, stress reducer, tummy trimmer and weight loss program.  

The months between Halloween thru New Years are filled with more food, more to-do’s, more food, more stress, more food, less sleep, and less time for your self love and care. You’re exhausted, overfed, overworked, overwhelmed and under-joyed. These conditions affect your cortisol levels, increase your mindless eating and make weight gain an unpleasant side effect. 

So how does one slip into joy with all the craziness that’s going on? 

Here are simple LIFE- STYLE changes that you can begin making right now. These small practices will make a huge difference in how you feel in and about your body. The more you practice, the better you’ll feel. 

ONE: Step out of these.

Stop wearing your stretchy workout pants like it’s your uniform. Dress yourself gorgeous. Wear a belt or form fitting dress most of the time so you can see and feel the expansion of your belly. The fitted clothing will remind you that you can stop eating when you are feel satisfied instead of pushing out your limitless stretching pants. This step will have you feeling joyfully gorgeous.

TWO: Add more on.

Instead of focusing on the stuff you can’t eating, think instead about the yummy things you can add to your plate. For a delicious indulgence, try this pumpkin hot chocolate that will soothe and satisfy your desire for creamy, comfy, warm deliciousness without the guilt and bloat from calorie sugar coated drinks. (Recipe for one serving: 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp unsweetened raw cacao, 1/3 cup pumpkin puree) Heat and stir to creamy consistency) This step creates a feeling of joyfulness as you sip a comforting drink that you know is good for you.

THREE: Take something off.


Take something that feels obligatory and burdensome off your plate of life.This will lighten your load. Perhaps instead of attending a party you really don’t want to attend, you light candles and take a hot bath.Take something off your to-do and gift giving list. Use your new found free time to put your feet up and dig into a yummy book and comfy chair. This step creates the gift of self time,  reduces stress and adds joy.


FOUR: Stop standing still.


If you feel stuck and stagnant, grab boots and mittens and go outside. Unless the weather is icy and dangerous, the cold air won’t kill you. Appreciate how the cold air feels on your skin and be grateful you have a warm home to go back to. Be sure to step away from your desk at some point during the day and shift your energy. If you are in an office, walk up and down the stairs. If you in a home office, turn up the music and dance to your favorite song. This step shifts your energy and creates space for joy to enter.

FIVE: Eat what you love.

But eat it in a loving way. Make a game that you will only eat while seated. Slow down and chew each bite to a count of 10. If you enjoy a holiday treat, sharpen your senses by closing your eyes, focus on your taste buds and really enjoy it. Less will mean more.  This step will make you mindful of how you interact with your food and joyful for the pleasure you allowed yourself to taste.   

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.

Because what else is is there?



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