Why thinking naked makes you powerful.

Thinking naked makes you powerful.

What exactly does that mean?  Don’t think too much about it. It is exactly as it sounds.

If naked means stripped bare and pure, with nothing to cover you up,  then naked thoughts would mean stripped bare and  pure, with nothing to cover you up, slow you down, or stop you right in your tracks. If you stopped paying attention to the thoughts flooding your mind, you’d have a lot lest angst to deal with.

Imagine your mind bare and pure without incessant, negative, worrying, thoughts that make you feel bad?

What if you mind where clear of all that clutter and a clean blank slate for all that is possible?

Because every thing starts with a thought and every “think” matters.


YES. That is the message of this post.

For your health and happiness it is imperative that you STOP THINKING SO MUCH.  

I love this video from Alan Watts (one of my all time favorite life changing teachers) who says it so beautifully.

 If you’re talking all the time, you can’t hear anything.


No matter how you slice it or choose to say it, you have to SHUT UP.

Here are 5 simple steps to shutting up so you can open up to hearing what is possible for you. When you listen to your inner voice and not the crazy monkey thoughts, you’ll get all the answers you need. And you’ll hear them loud and clear.

  • DON’T TRY.  The more you try to shut up, the more your thoughts are going to try and stop you. They are ruthless in their goal of getting you to think more about why you should not stop thinking. And then you’ll think more about that and more about that, and create a crazy mess in there.
  • PRACTICE. Any kind of practice is always perfect and will always move you forward. Don’t get annoyed or frustrated at yourSelf when you can’t seem to stop. Just step back a bit and notice. Notice that your thoughts are there. Let them hang and flit on by. If you pay them “no mind”,  they’ll float away.
  • TAKE BACK YOUR POWER.  Your thoughts are like little monsters. If you feed them and give them attention, they’ll grow into big monsters, becoming power-filled and strong till they’re big enough to scare the living crap out of you. You don’t want that. So don’t feed them. Let them stay small and weak and with time,  they won’t have any power over you at all.
  • CREATE TEA and ME. Create “ME” time/ “TEA” time.  Rituals work well in training your brain to cooperate with you. At a certain time of day, do a certain thing. If you can make tea, and sit quietly with just you, no books, no tv, no phone, no paper, you’re on your way to quiet.  If you can’t do that, you can BREATHE… and that you can anywhere. Lock yourself in a bathrooom stall for 3 minutes, closer your eyes and breathe deep in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 3 for 3 minutes focus on your breathe only. Repeat a mantra such as “I AM PERFECT FOR TODAY”…
  • BE RIGHT. Writing things down in a journal is a great way to make things right in your head. Let your paper be the dumping ground for all that you’re thinking about. Once you let them out, you can let them go. They’ll be safe on the paper and your mind will be safe from them. Right thinking is a result of getting rid of all the other false and fake nonsense.


my mind

(total and complete accolades and credit to the amazing creator and artist of this powerful graphic) 

I know you can do this!


If you let and allow yourself meet yourSelf, you will be quite amazed at the awesomeness within.

So here remain a few questions that you can contemplate, without thinking so hard and talking yourSelf out of them. Sit quietly and ask. Let the answer come up from your gut, your core, your source and land straight in your heart.  That is where you will get your loving answers to the following.

What can you do FOR yourSelf?

What can you do WITH yourSelf?

What can you do BY yourSelf?

What can you do right now, today, that is only about YOU? 


Cheers to your amazing self!




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