Please Don’t Bring Me Flowers

Please don’t bring me flowers for Mother’s Day because the media and society dictated that today is the day.

I am letting my children off the “hook” today because every single day they offer me a gift. And I am open and willing to receive that gift.

Okay, hold on. There was a time that I didn’t see clearly. There was a time that a call or a card would have mattered, no matter what was going on in their lives. They had to stop for me.  If they didn’t call, that was a sign of me not being a good enough Mom or of them not respecting me… me… me…

It’s isn’t about me. But it is about mySelf.

Waking up is a really cool thing, because what happens is that you see things thru the eyes of love and that’s really is all there is. Everything else is bullshit.  When I started to see thru my new “Rosie” colored glasses, I realized I had to look no further for the gifts and celebration.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift that comes to me every single day is being witness to my children’s passion, brilliance and the way they show up for their lives.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to be gifted the role of mother to these amazing beings. Nothing brings me more joy than watching how they show up in the world, with love of life, commitment to their relationships, fiery passion for what they do,  and compassion and service to others. From climbing skyscrapers, to shining up young athletes, to sprinkling intense doses of love in every room, my mind is blown by the immensity of it and my heart is ever expanding.

On the “designated” May 10 Mother’s Day, my children will receive a Mother’s Note from Me… reminding them how amazing they are and thanking them for making me a mother. Whether I did anything right or everything right as a 20ish year old mom, they are more than all right. They are awesome and I am blessed.  The truth is that they are the reason I can call my self a mom and they are and continue to be the most effective triggers for my own personal growth. And they’re also eye candy for my heart and soul.

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I stand in awe and gratitude.

~ Happy blessed me.


Oh YEAH. One more thing – about those flowers, I am open to receiving them.  As long as you bring them for no reason.

#flashback #love


 May I invite you to put on a new pair of glasses so that you can notice and appreciate the gifts that are placed in front of  you every single day. Don’t wait for the one holiday a year to remember.

With more love than I can possibly express,





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