Unexpected Change.

In a cleansing moment of taking my loose change to the bank, I discovered something(s) mighty interesting.


My change was filled with amazing surprises.


Change can do that. When you expect one thing, you often get another. Or you don’t expect anything and you find everything.

My coins added up to a whopping $80 but that is small change compared to the awesome discoveries I made.

Amongst my change I found a lot of missing pieces.



I had been looking for the key and the ear phone cover everywhere and it showed up somewhere.

I had been searching all over for this missing key and it was right here all the time.

I even found more that I could have imagined, an Indian penny, a purple penny (which I must have painted in one of my purple moments), missing Statue of Liberty lego’s (hmm) and my Number One Mom pin.  ((Sigh))

 So change is good. It comes in handy when you need it. I collected $80… just by cleaning out my box.

A few lessons learned about change:

1) If I am looking for something I cant’ find, perhaps its not really lost.

2) Perhaps what I am looking for is always right in front of me and I need “change” in order to see it.


Could it be as simple as going to the change box to remind me that all that I need and am looking for is always right here for me.

IDK. But if I did know, I would say that this is a profound lesson in embracing change.

Make whatever conclusion you want from this little “experience” that I share with you today.  I invite you to think about your “change” in a new way.  As a new way. As something exciting and new.

What’s in your change box or jar? I happen to keep mine in this beautiful box, but change is everywhere, just waiting to reveal the awesomeness and excitement  that it brings when you are open to it.


Share your discoveries with me. I’d love to hear how you handle your change.


You rock,



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