5 Ways to Eat with Self Love

As Spring and warm weather approach, getting naked gets more attractive. For clean up and lean up I start with my body by consciously concocting, creating, cooking and connecting with my food.  Eating mindfully is an act of self love and body kindness.


Okay so I hear you whimpering just about now. You’re sick of dieting. Sick of watching what you eat. Sick of trying to eat right. Sick of giving things up.  But there is a different way to approach this whole food thing, that makes it easy and even fun. 


Being self loving and body kind with my food includes mindfully watching WHAT I eat, HOW much I eat and WHEN I eat.


Being mindful and self loving with my food looks like this:

1) A DECISION to show up for me no matter what circumstances (parties, celebrations, delectable goodies) present themselves.

2) THE CHOICE to be naked in every way with my food. Both in quality and quantity (meaning that I must notice and own when I eat for reasons other than hunger)

3) A PLAN that allows me to have what I need handy and prepared in order to achieve what I want for my body.

4) MAKING JOY filled experiences by adjusting my attitude and dosing it with LOVE. Falling in love with the actions and foods that I am choosing.

5) CREATING HANDS on experiences that include fun picking greens at the grocer, mixing unique combos, and eating with my hands even if it’s not technically finger food. (I love eating salad with my hands for a deeper connection to the food I take into my body)

This “task” of cleaning up and leaning up is not difficult unless I decide it is. This “journey” of cleaning up and leaning up is actually tons of fun if I decide it is.

I get the privilege of watching my body change for me when I treat it with loving attention and conscious intention.

My clean up starts with my body but it doesn’t end there. It filters down to all areas of my life, my closet, my kitchen cabinets, my office, my finances and my relationships.

How do you clean up and lean up?

Just start. Pick a place, like right now. And just start.

(You may want to start right here and make this recipe. It’s a great opportunity to concoct a naked treat that you can eat with your hands too. Get recipe here >>>

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