Give YourSelf a Rose

Give yourSelf a Rose and Start Growing YourSelf How can you grow yourSelf? Growing yourself is pushing past what feels comfortable. There’s so much more inside you. The more you open up to that idea, the easier it is to “grow forward”. XSL21 gives you a strategy to grow forward. Opening you up like a

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Believe in YourSelf Again

Start Believing in Your Awesomeness There is a reason you feel blah and disconnected. It’s because you don’t believe in your awesomeness.  You’ve forgotten who you really are.   Don’t beat yourSelf up over your forgetfulness. It happens. Day in and day out, you’re getting bombarded with situations and circumstances. Then you add on your perception

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Note to Self

Note to self. Actually it’s note(S) to self. As I have them all over the place. I’ve always been one to write things down but previously it was frantic to do lists. Lists that were far too long for any human person to accomplish in one day. Which always let me to the (false) conclusion

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